Hatena Launces World Shortest 3 Letters Microblog Hatena Now

On April 1, Kyoto-based web service company Hatena released a new microblog service Hatena Now, which restrict users’ message at most 3 characters. Hatena called it “The world smallest nano blog” [J].

In 2009, we reported a nano blog chuitter.jp, which limits message by 14 letters, 1/10 of Twitter. However, Chuitter ceased after one year (probably domain expired).

Hatena Now got 7,000 users and 25,000 messages in a single day, however, they decided to close the service at the end of 1st, “to make the running time of the service the world shortest as well” [J].

Hatena has been running another microblog service Hatena Haiku, so I guess that there might be internal confusion of product management like Google has, seen on Google Wave/Buzz and Android/Chrome OS.

The last tweet by Hatena was “おわり”(O-Wa-Ri = end), which could have been 3 letters in English, too.

Japanese Web Community As Person

Gijinka (anthropomorphization) is what Japanese anime/manga people love, and it often passes the language barriers.

On giant anonymous bulletin board 2-channel, some amateur cartoonists seemed to vie in their personification sense [J].

2-channel: They know who they are well. derision for everything is their basic attitude.

Nico Nico (Douga): Hatsune Miku, young girls’ livestream on Nico Nico Namahousou, people distantly watching her

Mixi: typical host men image, drinks and smokes. implies how 2-channeller look down the current mainstream Mixi users

Hatsugen Komachi: another gigantic discussion board occupied by Japanese housewives. it is said that everything is driven by jealousy there.

Hatena: Japanese geeks community. well-schooled, critics (from Japanese average), who think (only) they are logical

Pixiv: Social illustration site boasting millions of amateur (and pro) illustrator members

Different from deviantART’s one (see below), this person is given an introverted personality. Beret is a symbol of the father of Japanese manga Osamu Tezuka, often used to draw professional cartoonist and wannabe.

Futaba: The origin of 4chan

Futaba added image upload feature on 2-channel-like bulletin boards, then moot made an English version. Futaba’s domain name is 2chan.net, 2-channel is 2ch.net if you are confused.

This Futaba’s character must be copied from 4-chan’s one. See below.

Yahoo! Chiebukuro: Japanese Yahoo! Answers, though US Yahoo! Answers were made after seeing the Chiebukuro’s success

Net-savvies are irritated with never-ending dorky questions and useless answers.

Mobage-Town: possible Japan’s No.1 social network is full of games

2-channellers seem to believe that some use the social network as a dating site to find high-school girls.

English social services were personified before, you might know,

Yajiuma Watch tells that those personifications might be inspired by this. [J]

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Lots Of Popular Names Leaves And Joins Happens This Month

We reported that a Japanese web geeks’ icon Naoya Ito’s move on September 1st from Hatena to the No.1 social networking service Gree, but he was not the only one. There are several big names reported to leave and/or enter web/IT companies in Japan around the beginning of September 2010.

Poupee Girl CEO

Yoshimi Morinaga, a CEO who ran a popular girls avatar fashion site poupee girl, was reported to disappear her name from the executive list on a company website.

On September 1st, some online media reported that 24-year old Hisayo Okada (photo from her blog, left person) takes the CEO position.

Morinaga is reported her resignation Poupee Girl/Cyber Agent group. She said she is planning to start a new web service. Morinaga became the Poupee Girl CEO at her age of 25. CyberAgent is known to assign young employees who only have few years work experience after graduation to head o subsidiaries, which is rare in Japan.

MySQL/Sun/Oracle to DeNA

MATSUNOBU Yoshinori, who is known as a top-notch Japanese MySQL expert, who had worked for MySQL but the company was bought by Sun, then by Oracle, left there to Join a social game networking service DeNA.

(photo by okyuu.com)

On his blog, he was also asked by companies in Europe and U.S.A but DeNA valued him very well. He wrote that DeNA is one of the heaviest MySQL user companies around the world so he would keep contributing MySQL community.

One left Hatena, another joined

Shigeaki Yazaki, an editor of Nikkei BP joins Hatena. On his personal blog, he said that he thinks even Hatena, whose main contents are user-generated, needs editing.

(photo by Nikkei IT Pro)

Other moves

A tech blogger @namikawa, whose blog on server/cloud topics, declared that he joined CyberAgent as a backend engineer for Ameba service.

Popular journalist/Twitter user @tsuda becomes DeNA’s official recruiter. He started tweeting about Mobage-Town hiring info every day.

A search/language researcher Masato Hagiwara (@mhagiwara) left Baidu Japan. In his case, it is not know if he will work again soon.

Stimulated by social game networks and social services players like Gree, DeNA and Dwango, mobility of human resources in Japanese web industry seems more active recently.

I respect all of their new challenges. Good luck!

Hatena’s Ex-CTO Joins Gree

(Photo by Hatena PR[J])

On the last day of August, Japan’s system development guru Naoya Ito (@naoya_ito[J]) announced on his blog that he had stepped down from CTO post of Kyoto-based web services company Hatena[J](as reported in this Akky’s post).   His fans and followers spent a day pondering what his next step would be, but it was cleared on the next day.

He joined Gree[J], needless to say, a Tokyo-based tycoons of a social network platform and feature phone Flash games, as executive manager & producer of the company’s social media development division.

He started his engineering carrier with the development of Cocolog[J], a Movable Type-based blog platform by Japan’s largest ISP Nifty[J], then joined Hatena in 2004 and had developed a variety of social web services including Digg-like Hatena Bookmark[J].

He seems to lead the team for developing the iPhone apps and the Android apps at Gree.

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Hatena Bookmark for iPhone: Simply Rotate Yours To Share Your Favorites

Kyoto-based tech start-up running Japan’s largest social bookmarking service Hatena[J] (meaning a question mark in Japanese) set up a new entrance specifically designed for the iPhone/iPod touch[J] today.

Hatena Bookmark for iPhone

Hatena Bookmark has a Digg-like feature allowing you to record the links of the websites that you have browsed and to share them with the other users.   It can also count how many users have browsed by using each of the links, which makes you learn what topics are the most popular every minute in this country.

The service’s new interface allows you to do the actions mentioned above just by simply rotating the iPhone 90 degree from the default position.   Now you may share your favorite webpages with holding onto a strap on a crowded commute train.