i-mode cellphone shipment announced to cease by end of this year

NTT Docomo announced today November 2, 2016 that they will end the sales of i-mode cellphones between this month November and December.
No new i-mode supported featurephone is announced so that P-01H, which was released November in 2015, would be the last i-mode cellphone for regular users.
The announcement tells that their i-mode capable Rakuraku-phone(easy phone) for elders, will continue to be sold.
i-mode Internet service began in 1999. After massive domestic success and failure of export, iPhone and Android smartphones and their app store overwrote the Docomo’s local success. Docomo says that the i-mode service itself continues. There are still a lot of i-mode cellphone users in Japan, and those fans now need to worry their cellphones becomes old and broken.

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