Hatena Testing Reconstructed Microblog Service Haiku2

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Hatena, Kyoto-based web startup known by their geek users, the most popular social bookmark service Hatena Bookmark, and recent collaboration with Nintendo DS on Ugomemo Hatena (Flipnote Hatena for oversea), announces that they are running closed-beta test of their microblog service Hatena Haiku’s new version Hatena Haiku2 [J] (currently shows error page).
Initially 1,000, currently 3,000 Hatena users have been invited and playing on the Haiku2.
Hatena Haiku is a microblog service which has a handwriting feature on Flash and keyword pages such like hashtag (search results) page give to Twitter users.
According to their release, Haiku2 is,

  • invitation based (like Mixi)
  • messages are private within your friends by default
  • “Imakoko”(I’m here) GPS integration (from cellphone)
  • “Tegaki”(handwriting) handwriting Flash (from PC)
  • “Room” page where messages gathered by the same theme
  • “Bunshin”(alter ego) to have different networks with different users (planned feature)

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