Hatena Bookmark for iPhone: Simply Rotate Yours To Share Your Favorites

Kyoto-based tech start-up running Japan’s largest social bookmarking service Hatena[J] (meaning a question mark in Japanese) set up a new entrance specifically designed for the iPhone/iPod touch[J] today.
Hatena Bookmark for iPhone
Hatena Bookmark has a Digg-like feature allowing you to record the links of the websites that you have browsed and to share them with the other users.   It can also count how many users have browsed by using each of the links, which makes you learn what topics are the most popular every minute in this country.
The service’s new interface allows you to do the actions mentioned above just by simply rotating the iPhone 90 degree from the default position.   Now you may share your favorite webpages with holding onto a strap on a crowded commute train.

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