Monetize Hacks #3 Report (part 2)

(Following to the part 1) 5. Livedoor (Asiajin articles) Tomo Tsubota, Livedoor Blog [J] Business Department, opened and shared their user demographics and billing method. Livedoor Blog started in 2003 and became black ink in Sep. 2007. 30% of sales come from premium service, which is used by 17% of active users. (60% revenue is… Continue reading Monetize Hacks #3 Report (part 2)

Monetize Hacks #3 Report (part 1)

24th night at Roppongi Hills, the third Monetize Hacks meeting was held by some web directors from Livedoor and Hatena by welcoming 120 web directors and entrepreneurs in and around Tokyo. The first monetize Hacks [J] was called for web directors greeting and exchanging ideas around 15 people, the second one [J] was a group… Continue reading Monetize Hacks #3 Report (part 1)