Robot For Smartphone Coin Pusher Games

A Twitter user @suzuki_jidouka (Suzuki is a Japanese surname, jidouka means automation) showed that he had created a robot for his little sister who wants to earn more coins on coin pusher game on smartphone. 妹から『コイン落としのゲームで効率的に稼ぎたいからスマホ画面を1秒間に2回くらい一晩中タップし続ける機械が作れないか』と,かなりヨコシマな打診あり。仕方ないので作成。子供がいるので安全性の配慮となるべくシンプルな作りに気をつけたつもり — 鈴木自動化 (@suzuki_jidouka) June 2, 2013 The sister asked him if she would earn points effectively by tapping… Continue reading Robot For Smartphone Coin Pusher Games

How to count combination, taught in Anime

Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) in Tokyo waterfront releases an educational video “How to count combinations”. The story at the beginning seems relaxed, however, as @iwiwi introduced as “crazy”, it goes too much and may frighten kids if you do not use better math. The video comes with English subtexts. Enjoy.

Dentsu’s Android Lottery App For Internship Seat

Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency released a new Android app for wannabe students, Lucky Senkou(=selection). The app has only a single feature, to let students draw a lottery for the platinum slots of the 2012 internship program at Dentsu. You just need to click the button and wait Dentsu’s contact. The app description begins with… Continue reading Dentsu’s Android Lottery App For Internship Seat

Twitter-buzzed Cat iPhone Jack Accessory Gets A Naughty Parody

Last month, we reported the useless cat accessory for iPhone being commoditized backed by Japanese Twitter users buzzing. The product seems to be at the final stage of development. By seeing the buzz, @kizuki_jpn crafted an inspired accessory which has a jack for the jack of iPhone. I do not know this parody… Continue reading Twitter-buzzed Cat iPhone Jack Accessory Gets A Naughty Parody

Hip-hop Anti-Phishing Enlightenment Song By Japan Credit-card Association

Japan Credit-card Association released a hip-hop song teaches you what kind of the Internet phishing are aiming you. The song title is “Itsumo Kimi wo mamoritai kara”(’cause we always want to protect you.). Three mermaids tell you 5 points you need to be careful on the net. via Modern Syntax

No-nonsense Mascot Character: Handy-Wiper kun

Japan is a country chock full of kawaii characters. People are not easily surprised by new weird characters but, Japanese twitter users call him as “the most practical mascot character”, Handy-Wiper kun (on your left). You shove it everywhere and dump it off at the end,

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