Cardboard Theater Meme – Good for Japanese Small House

Budget immersive movie experience has been around Japanese Twitter. coined term ダンボール映画館(cardboard theater)

Mixi Page’s New Campaign Song With Gals And 7yo DJ

Japanese social network giant Mixi collaborates with the large summer festival of gals under the name of “Campus Summit 2012 meets mixi”.

According to the event page, Campus Summit is a summer festivals for and by college students, which began in 1995 in Tokyo. At largest, the festivals were held at 57 locations in all 47 prefectures.

This year, Campus Summit theme is set as “Minna Maimiku Matsuri”(Festival to become Mixi-friends With everyone) and all staffs and events attendees are supposed to be connected on Mixi during this “User Attending Real 2.0 Event”.

The official Mixi page of the event has over 80,000 followers.

The event’s theme song this year is “Minna Maimiku”(Everyone, Mixi Friends) by charisma readers models Yumachi and Aina, with 7 year-old girl DJ Mikan.

The song has many Mixi-related words and phrases in its lyrics. For example,

“One, Two, Minna Maimikuuuu”

“Minna Maimiku Revolution”

“Takamare ba (Nau), Ochikomi ha (Wazu)”

Which means, “When excited write it on Mixi Voice, when getting down write it on Mixi Voice. “Nau”(now) and “Wazu”(was) are English-originated buzzwords used to express “I’m doing ~” and “I was ~” on short message services like Twitter, Ameba Now and Mixi Voice among some type of people in Japan.

“Minna Maimiku (Yeah Yeah) Generation”

“Messe to iu nano, Mahou no jumon de, Kizuna ga umareru, saa yume wo kanaeyouyo!”

“Magic spell in the name of message makes your bonds, let’s dreams come true!”

The readers model gals seem to dance at Mixi’s headquarter in Shibuya.

Found by net-savvy users (including me), the video seems to be down-voted a lot now on YouTube…

Moymoypalaboy Everybody Copied By MMD. So WTF Is MMD?

Moymoypalaboy’s Everybody (Backstreet Boys) is a popular user generated movie played about 3 million times on YouTube. Then what is this movie rapidly adding its played count?

From the Japanese title

“【MMD】 「顔芸担当」 × 「エアボ兄弟」 でEVERYBODY 【オリジナル】”

“[MMD][Kaogei Tantou]x[Eabo Kyodai] de EVERYBODY [Original]”,

which shows the left side movie is made by MMD = Miku Miku Dance. Eabo Kyodai = “Air-Vocal Brothers”, is the name Japanese gave the Moymoypalaboy unit.

Miku Miku Dance is a free virtual 3D figure dance authoring tool, which was originally developed by fans of Vocaloid, human voice singing synthesizer software represented by pretty popular virtual diva Hatsune Miku, to promote Vocaloid singers over the web.

By MMD, many Japanese hobby video authors, who play around on Japanese online movie sharing service Nico Nico Douga, can make dynamic 3D animations with 3D figure data.

In August, the 7th online MMD contest was held virtually on Nico Nico Douga. Contestants were given some themes and create movies, compete with Nico Nico users vote.

The left side movie was one of the contestants, and the one with the original is “Hikaku douga”(movie for comparison), to show how their video is “synchronized” well with its motif.

Here is a comparison movie with two more Everybody, one of which is a recent Japanese internet meme Enoch frEl Shaddaiom.

The MMD contest had hundreds of such movies. Unfortunately most of them requires Japanese (especially anime) cultural contexts, but some use foreign-origined materials.

Remake the highlight scene of Equilibrium (“Rebellion” in Japan), Gun=Kata movie having cult-like popularity with Hatsune Miku.

Children’s picture book “The Missing Piece” is known in Japan, too. This “Miku wo Sagashini”, parodies its Japanese title “Boku wo Sagashini”(“Seeking Myself”) again features Hatsune Miku as a character.

If you have ever seen Ramen’s The Japanese Tradition -Dogeza-, sarcastic gag film explaining Japanese genuflexion form of apology, is reproduced.

Sega’s 3D battle game Virtua Fighter 2 demo scene with Vocaloid characters

The grand prized was given to this movie, a popular game character sing and dance a popular Vocaloid song.

As always, if you want to watch more of these movies than the ones copied into YouTube by someone, registering Nico Nico Douga and search by “MMD”, “Miku Miku Dance” will give you thousands of MMD-made movies.

At this point, many of the user generated movies are trying to mimic the original, boasting how much they can reproduce scenes on the commercial products. But this widening trend with a lot of sunday video authors and free tools could generate something really interesting and original in near future.

Crazy Japanese Commercials For The World First Windows Phone 7.5

KDDI au, who shipped Fujitsu-Toshiba-made IS12T, the earliest shipped Windows Phone 7.5(Mango) around the world last month, made some strange commercial films.

parody of TV shopping program

Even if it is all in Japanese, I think you will get the point as the high-tension on the TV shopping should be universal.

I liked the line how easy “gorgonzola” and “paparazzi” can be typed on its Japanese input method feature.

Japanese hostess customer management and retention

Kyabajo (Kyabakura Girl, a hostess in girls’ bar) explains how she is using contact management app to handle lots of customers’ birthdays, etc. She found her guest drinking around by GPS, calls to visit her.

Gay Bar hostess

By 5 p.m., she works as a salesman and a heavy user of MS Office on WP7.5. She got a claim call from her daytime customer.

via Sumahon [J]