Toyota Raves In Mad Social Campaign, Save The Car (And Us)!

Toyota Social App Award – Save The Car (Japanese/Chinese) is a social application contest run by the world largest automaker Toyota. The social applications applied are expected to deliver fun and job of car to people.
To promote the contest, Toyota prepared an official cheering song and its choreography. They lined up about 30 of D-list girls, like Anime song singer, livestreamer, charisma maid.

The responses to this on the net are, well, mostly questioning Toyota’s own sanity. Toyota USA recently went weird as well.

SAVE THE CAR – Call to Action to Creators from Toyota – Give the Car Life Joy!
Toyota loves cars. But lately we feel people’s love for care has weakened and hear voices like “We don’t need cars!” Quite honestly, we are in a crunch. What attracts people back to automobiles? Where can we find it?
We want to work with creative people who make new cultures winning over the world. Talents x Cards. That is the concept we have.
We are looking for Car Savior spreading the novel automotive charms to many people.

The contest is under the auspices of all major Japanese social game platforms, DeNA(Mobage), Gree, Mixi, NHN Japan(Hangame) and Yahoo! Japan.

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