Povie – Purikura For Movie, Knows Your “Kawaii” Points To Decorate

Povie by a Japanese design unit Shikake is a movie decoration service in Japanese popular “purikura” (wikipedia) style. The service is bilingual, English and Japanese.

On regular purikura, you place letters, characters and shapes over your snapshot with buttons/tablet/touch panel. However, Povie will detect your motion and decorate it automatically with “Kawaii Engine”(kawaii = cute). The decorated short movie looks like this,

You may decorate in 6 different styles: night-club hostess, gothic and lolita, mori-girl (forest-girl), teeny, celebrity-like, current Japanese mainstream.

The service is currently available on iPhone and i-Mode/i-Appli. Facebook app is also under development. How it works on Docomo cellphone is demonstrated on YouTube,

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