Crazy Japanese Commercials For The World First Windows Phone 7.5

KDDI au, who shipped Fujitsu-Toshiba-made IS12T, the earliest shipped Windows Phone 7.5(Mango) around the world last month, made some strange commercial films.

parody of TV shopping program

Even if it is all in Japanese, I think you will get the point as the high-tension on the TV shopping should be universal.
I liked the line how easy “gorgonzola” and “paparazzi” can be typed on its Japanese input method feature.

Japanese hostess customer management and retention

Kyabajo (Kyabakura Girl, a hostess in girls’ bar) explains how she is using contact management app to handle lots of customers’ birthdays, etc. She found her guest drinking around by GPS, calls to visit her.

Gay Bar hostess

By 5 p.m., she works as a salesman and a heavy user of MS Office on WP7.5. She got a claim call from her daytime customer.
via Sumahon [J]

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