Tokyo Met Government Releases Puzzle Game To Enlighten Consumer Intelligece For iOS And Android

Tokyo Metropolitan Government bureau of citizens and cultural affairs released an iOS/Android app “Mamore! Shuuma & Elme”(mamore = protect), which is the first ever game app to pass on consumer information by local government in Japan, according to the release [J].

The game itself is a typical puzzle game, where you need to line up three balloons to erase. The app has a notification bar at the top, like mobile ads, to inform heads-up of several anecdotal deceiving cases.

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Rakuten’s New Grocery Delivery Service Expantion Troubled In Poor Operation

Rakuten Mart, a new online grocery delivery service run by Japan’s giant e-commerce mall company Rakuten, expanded its delivery areas in Greater Tokyo on March 11, is failing to deliver the ordered foods, lots of bad reviews start circulating on the web.

Rakuten’s own review service is getting harsh reviews, many tells that their ordering foods did not arrive during the time-frame they had asked, they got phone call from delivery staff and if they can come late, for example 1 or 2 a.m. after midnight, when the customers denied because it was too late, they never come back even the days following. Some people wrote that they were told re-delivery on 12th and got another no-show again. Many people worried that if Rakuten would charge their credit card even without delivering any.

rakuten-mart-top, the largest product review site is receiving lots of complains, too. When Rakuten removed bad reviews on their e-book reader Kobo, many people used as an alternative place to post their critics, and this time, some may think that the reviews on Rakuten could be modified.

Rakuten Mart issued an apology on their site a few days later, said that they received too many orders than they had expected. Many orders on 11th were undone, but 12th orders were also too much for them so it prevented the re-delivery of the remained items. They promised that they would refund for all the undelivered items, delivery fee, and plus 1,000 Rakuten points (values 1,000 yen) by April 5.

KDDI’s Subsidiary Wire And Wireless To Offer Free WiFi At Starbucks, Starting From Tokyo

Wire and Wireless (wi2), a subsidiary of Japan’s second largest cellphone carrier KDDI, announced [J] its new free WiFi program at Starbucks Coffee chain-store in Japan.

Free WiFi at cafe? If you have ever tried to find free WiFi in Japan, you know this is a news.

The free WiFi program, “at_STARBUCKS_Wi2”, is sponsored by Starbucks Coffee Japan. What you need to provide is your mail address, when you use at registration. Although Wi2 is a KDDI company, there are no carrier restriction, which you might face at the many Japanese shops/restaurants where posting “free WiFi” stickers.

Wi2 offers English site and customer service besides Japanese, this seems reasonable as in Japan, visiting foreigners are the most likely people who need free WiFi.

They are to install the service since July 2, first from 200 stores in central Tokyo (out of 227), then by the end of this year, 850 of 955 shops nationwide will have it, according to the release. You will be able to search the free WiFi Starbucks here.

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Location Based Tag Event Hosted By Mapion, Tokyo Metro Train Lines

Mapion, [J] is hosting “Kunitori Onigokko 2012” (Country Grab Tag 2012) for “Keitai Kunitori Kassen” [J] (Cell Phone Country Grab Battle), their location based game for mobile phones.  It will run from April 24th until June 11th at 3:00 P.M.

“Country Grab Tag 2012” is an event continuing from the stamp rally in partnership with Tokyu Railway [J] in April of last year.  This time, continuing from the stamp rally game publicly offered by Tokyo express railways and with the cooperation of the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation, [J] the area has expanded to along both the Tokyu line and the Toei Subway.  When you access the 2D barcode of the special posters shown around commercial areas and 15 stations along the Tokyu and Toei Subway lines, a game of tag with the famous character “Jii” from “Cell Phone Country Grab Battle” pops out, and you get to have some location based fun.  There are 3 courses in the stamp rally’s main stage: “Triangle Course,” “Extra Course,” and “Pleasure Course,” and when you achieve success you can get battle experience cards or special game bonuses.  What’s more, “treasure maps” that let you play “treasure hunting stages” are sold at shops along the Tokyku line, and they’re also selling train tickets linked with “Country Grab Tag 2012” during the limited term period.  Details are Here [J].

I Went on a Location Game Trip.  Seek Stamps and Zip Through the Country [J]

”Cell Phone Country Grab Battle” Super Walkthrough Guide Book

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Shibuya 109 Fashion Social Game Release

Tokyu Malls Development, run by Butterfly and the fashion building “SHIBUYA 109,” have released “SHIBUYA 109 -StyleCollection-”, a social game for mixi based on “SHIBUYA 109.”

“SHIBUYA 109 -StyleCollection-” is a reality based social game coupled with the actual fashion building as the setting.  Users become the manager of a newly opened “SHIBUYA 109” shop, create their own avatar, challenge against rival shops in customer service battles, and together with their stylish staff aim to be the No. 1 shop.  There is now a campaign to commemorate the launch of this service, where all players who visit the actual “SHIBUYA 109” shop will receive an avatar background featuring the symbolic cylindrical building.  You can get it from the touch panel set up on the eighth floor of the building whenever you visit the shop.  As the first part of the plan to link up with popular shops, the number one selling “CECIL McBEE” is featured.  When you actually visit the “CECIL McBEE” shop on the second floor of “SHIBUYA 109,” you receive a limited staff card (in the game) modeling the staff from the “CECIL McBEE” shop, and furthermore if you introduce friends within the game, you can get an avatar with a popular item sold there.  There will also be a collaboration with the major fan festival “Shibuya109 Girls Festival 2012” for girls held at Shibuya Hikarie on May 12th.  Those attending this event will be presented with a one day limited item in the game.  From now the company will be developing various devices to link up the game with reality with “SHIBUYA 109” as the setting.

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