Location Based Tag Event Hosted By Mapion, Tokyo Metro Train Lines

Mapion, [J] is hosting “Kunitori Onigokko 2012” (Country Grab Tag 2012) for “Keitai Kunitori Kassen” [J] (Cell Phone Country Grab Battle), their location based game for mobile phones.  It will run from April 24th until June 11th at 3:00 P.M.
“Country Grab Tag 2012” is an event continuing from the stamp rally in partnership with Tokyu Railway [J] in April of last year.  This time, continuing from the stamp rally game publicly offered by Tokyo express railways and with the cooperation of the Tokyo Bureau of Transportation, [J] the area has expanded to along both the Tokyu line and the Toei Subway.  When you access the 2D barcode of the special posters shown around commercial areas and 15 stations along the Tokyu and Toei Subway lines, a game of tag with the famous character “Jii” from “Cell Phone Country Grab Battle” pops out, and you get to have some location based fun.  There are 3 courses in the stamp rally’s main stage: “Triangle Course,” “Extra Course,” and “Pleasure Course,” and when you achieve success you can get battle experience cards or special game bonuses.  What’s more, “treasure maps” that let you play “treasure hunting stages” are sold at shops along the Tokyku line, and they’re also selling train tickets linked with “Country Grab Tag 2012” during the limited term period.  Details are Here [J].
I Went on a Location Game Trip.  Seek Stamps and Zip Through the Country [J]

”Cell Phone Country Grab Battle” Super Walkthrough Guide Book

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