Firefox3 Release Party Tokyo

Celebration of new Firefox 3 launch was held at a hotel in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with over 300 people, Mozilla Japan staff, developers, translators, web designers, engineers, bloggers and others. Contributors, Mozilla’s new CEO John Lilly, Mozilla Japan chairperson Satoko Takita Firefox Ice Trophy Foxkeh!!, Japan made mascot to appeal Japanese internet users The next Firefox… Continue reading Firefox3 Release Party Tokyo

Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan

Toru TAKASUKA, known as a very few Japanese entrepreneur challenging in US internet market by his Lunarr (covered on TechCrunch, Mashable, and a lot more), invites popular bloggers from US for one week Tokyo and Japan web technology meetings trip. The invited bloggers are: Tom Foremski from Sillicon Valley Watcher Marshall Kirkpatrick, Read/Write Web Kristen… Continue reading Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan

Report: Asiajin Meeting #1 (part two)

This is the second part of our coverage of the Asiajin meeting #1 which took part this Tuesday. Presentation No. 4 “The 4th presenter abused the meeting by violating its regulation of not speaking in one’s mother tongue against agreement. Thus we do not cover the presentation. You may find the information somewhere else. (Akky… Continue reading Report: Asiajin Meeting #1 (part two)

Report: Asiajin Meeting #1 (part one)

The Asiajin Meeting #1 took place this Tuesday in Akasaka/Tokyo. Courtesy of Cybozu Labs, the event was free of charge. About 30 people participated while the number of people viewing the live broadcasting (done by Andrew Shuttleworth) peaked at 25. We will see to it that we announce the livecast earlier next time, especially for… Continue reading Report: Asiajin Meeting #1 (part one)

Asiajin Meeting Tokyo #1 on 26th(Tue), Feb.

We are going to hold our first readers’ meeting on 2/26 (Tue) night. Asiajin Meeting Tokyo The meeting will include 5-6 English presentations about 1. popular net services in Japan, or 2. their project/product. Those presentation will be in English by Japanese web entrepreneurs/developers, all of whom heavily use Japanese net services everyday at their… Continue reading Asiajin Meeting Tokyo #1 on 26th(Tue), Feb.