“Shirotsuku” Holds Tie-Up Event With Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Cave [J] is hosting “Atoraku E Ikou,” [J] an event for their location information mobile game “Shirotsuku” in partnership with the Tokyo Dome Company’s integrated amusement establishment “Tokyo Dome City Attractions,” from February 1st until February 29th, 2012.
“Atoraku E Ikou” is a limited term event being held through Tokyo Dome City Attractions, which by clearing, you can get limited items used within Shirotsuku.  In the event period, a Shirotsuku poster with the QR code is being posted up inside the park of Tokyo Dome Attractions.  After registering your location in front of this poster and reading the QR code, you can get limited items such as “Tokyo Dome City Passage Proof” or “Tokyo Dome Blueprint.”
Shirotsuku Image Song “Aa, Wa Ga Shirotsuku Jinsei” [J]

Shirotsuku Official Goods Complete Guide [Limited Publication] [J]

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