“Hello Kitty World” Game App To Be Released In 48 Countries And Regions

Nifty, Inc. [J] has announced that they will expand and develop “Hello Kitty World,” an iOS game app offered in Taiwan in Japan in collaboration with Sanrio Wave Inc. [J], for 48 more countries and regions.

“Hello Kitty World” is a theme park management game where various Sanrio characters appear, starting with their signature character “Hello Kitty.”  You build shops and attractions together with Hello Kitty, spice up the park with decoration items, and you can enjoy making the theme park by completing missions that come out with each level.  This app was released [J] in Taiwan in April of this year, and subsequently released in Japan [J] in May, and up until now it has been downloaded over 400,000 times.

“Hello Kitty World” is being developed for the following countries and regions;

Ireland, United Arab Emirates, England, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Estonia, Australia, Austria, The Netherlands, Quatar, South Korea, Greece, Kuwait, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Norway, Hungary, The Phillipines, Finland, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Hong Kong, Macao, Malta, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, Lebanon, and Russia

※Already offered in Japan and Taiwan

Hello Kitty World [J]


[app id:505780419] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

Hello Kitty Pouch Ball Shaped Lunch Box LMT3 [J]

PGA iPhone/iPod compatible Sanrio Character AC Charger Hello Kitty RX-KTY539DO [J]

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Nifty To Shut Off Podcasting Juice, A Podcasting Portal

Nifty [J], a Fujitsu-affiliated internet service provider/web portal, announced that they are going to close their podcast portal.

Podcasting Juice [J] by Nifty is one of the popular podcasting portal began in July 2005 in Japan.

The service was announced to be terminated on September 30th 2011. Nifty said that it is difficult to keep the service as the number of users have been decreasing recent years.

On their recent weekly download ranking, the top podcast channel is downloaded by about 48,000 people per week.

There are other podcast portal like Podcast Rank and mixPod, but none of them seem successful.

Yahoo! Japan, Japan’s largest web service, gave up Yahoo! Podcast [J] on April 30th, 2009 (began on May 24th, 2006).

Podcasting is less popular in Japan when comparing with US. Audio book is also unpopular in Japan. That is because car commuters are not majority in Japan, and when you commute on train with cellphone-wired, you prefer to kill time on mobile web services.

There should be also noted that some users who might have been interested in airing podcast moved to other live stream platforms, such like Nico Nico Namahousou and Ustream.

Nifty Uses Its Cloud To Accelerate Social Game App Business In SE Asia

Nifty, a Fujitsu subsidiary and Japan’s 4th largest ISP, announced last week that it would use their own cloud facility and encourage Japanese social game app developers to deliver their services to ASEAN countries.    Japan’s METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) helps the project financially, and several social game apps running on “Nifty Cloud[J]” are expected to be introduced shortly in Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Participating game apps are:

Note: In order to try the game apps via links stated above, you are required to log on to each of the social network platforms.  The app titles are subject to change for their international marketing.

Nifty is expected to promote these apps in South East Asia and conduct a survey of trends in the users for investigating the future potential of social game app business in the region.

This project is jointly operated by Japan’s 3rd largest ad agency Asatsu-DK, US-based CDN operator CDNetworks, Paypal and Tokyo-based system developer Marietta.

Via: japan.internet.com[J]

Answer For What is PROJECTION CLOCK】2名様」! On Twitter Trending Topics

The strange phrase “PROJECTION CLOCK】2名様」!” appeared on the Twitter Trending Topic sometime early morning in UTS October 4th. (morning to night in Japan Standard Time)

That phrase itself is mix of English and Japanese, which means

…PROJECTION CLOCK] for 2 persons”!

It is a part of full sentence in a marketing campaign run by Nifty, one of the biggest Japanese ISP/portal. They have been running a lottery for tweets on its new Twitter clients Twipple.jp on web/feature phone/iPad App.

The original whole sentence that Nifty tried to let people tweet was

ついっぷるくじのボタンを今日12345番目に押したなう。本日の賞品は「【プロジェクタークロック ANALOG PROJECTION CLOCK】2名様」!

In English,

I pressed the button for today’s Twipple lottery in 12345th now. Today’s prize is “[Projector Clock ANALOG PROJECTION CLOCK] for 2 winners”!

That Analog Projection Clock is this one,

Projection Clock プロジェクションクロック [アナログ/ブラック]

And this clock projects analog clock on wall like this,

Twipple Lottery(Twipple Kuji in Japanese) has its Twitter account @twipple_kuji and that reports there are tens of thousands users tweet the designated text every day.

Twitter is very popular in Japanese but its Japanese handling is still poor, the extracted text being strange seems that Twitter could not parse Japanese correctly. Probably that is one of the reasons that Twitter Trending Topic is not provided for Japanese users.

As Nifty is quite big in Japan, it is not so strange that their Twitter promotion made many users to copy the tweet. But this lottery has been done since September 9th for every day, and this clock should not be the most popular prize. These are prizes list with photos,

Maybe every day for short time these lottery tweets showed up on the world trending topic, but this time, by some unknown reason, some non-Japanese users found and propagated by asking what it means. I do not see what part made people today’s phrase so special. It could be some influential foreign user began this time buzz in English and other languages.

Unfortunately, the campaign has some strict rules like you have to tweet from that Twipple, the prize will be sent only within Japan, etc. So even if you tweet the full Japanese text above, you won’t get this nice(?) analog projection clock, Nintendo DSi LL or first class round-the-world ticket.

As 18% of the world’s tweets are said to be from Japan, not only by this Twipple lottery but other Japanese promotion campaigns could cause the similar things.

[Update] About 14:20 UTS, Twitter seemed to remove the broken phrase from the hot topics, which I guess done manually by official, though the word “PROJECTION” still remains.

Japanese April Fools’ Day Is 3D! 3D! 3D!

Blame Avatar’s hit on screen. Many of Japanese big portal showed great originality on April Fools’ Day. Half a day ahead to 3D services launch in USA.

The No.1 Yahoo! Japan announced their migration to 3D top page on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

No.4 portal (by visitors, according to the NetRatings 2007 research [J]) Nifty

No. 6 Goo‘s

and No.8 OCN.

Yahoo’s one is not a real 3D, but for other three, you only need one red-blue glass, which frame can be downloaded from any of those sites.

Bulletin Board colossus 2 channel also ran text 3D prank, half a day ahead to Google Docs 3D.