Japanese Font With Stroke Order

I never saw this kind of Japanese font. All Chinese letter has stroke number by side, so if you set the font on your browser and OS, you may always check the right stroke order. The sample text means “Chinese letter’s stroke order” 🙂 The font is avaiable here. via Modern Syntax Blog

Leg Hair Font

Tama Art University 20 yo female student Mayuko made this great alphabet font by human leg hair. The font used on an ad-board in real[Update] the ad board is a “sample” by Mayuko. via ITMedia [J]

January 2010 Japan-IT Links (part 2)

News on the latter half of January 2010 which we did not write as a dedicated article. Part 1 is here. Referred pages are all in Japanese, unless otherwise stated. METI Lottery In Exchange For Used Cellphone Campaign Collaborates Hatsune Miku Chinese Guy In Saitama Arrested By Providing Proxy Servers For Chinese Gamers To Play… Continue reading January 2010 Japan-IT Links (part 2)