Nifty Uses Its Cloud To Accelerate Social Game App Business In SE Asia

Nifty, a Fujitsu subsidiary and Japan’s 4th largest ISP, announced last week that it would use their own cloud facility and encourage Japanese social game app developers to deliver their services to ASEAN countries.    Japan’s METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) helps the project financially, and several social game apps running on “Nifty Cloud[J]” are expected to be introduced shortly in Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines.
Participating game apps are:

Note: In order to try the game apps via links stated above, you are required to log on to each of the social network platforms.  The app titles are subject to change for their international marketing.
Nifty is expected to promote these apps in South East Asia and conduct a survey of trends in the users for investigating the future potential of social game app business in the region.
This project is jointly operated by Japan’s 3rd largest ad agency Asatsu-DK, US-based CDN operator CDNetworks, Paypal and Tokyo-based system developer Marietta.

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