“Hello Kitty World” Game App To Be Released In 48 Countries And Regions

Nifty, Inc. [J] has announced that they will expand and develop “Hello Kitty World,” an iOS game app offered in Taiwan in Japan in collaboration with Sanrio Wave Inc. [J], for 48 more countries and regions.
“Hello Kitty World” is a theme park management game where various Sanrio characters appear, starting with their signature character “Hello Kitty.”  You build shops and attractions together with Hello Kitty, spice up the park with decoration items, and you can enjoy making the theme park by completing missions that come out with each level.  This app was released [J] in Taiwan in April of this year, and subsequently released in Japan [J] in May, and up until now it has been downloaded over 400,000 times.
“Hello Kitty World” is being developed for the following countries and regions;
Ireland, United Arab Emirates, England, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Estonia, Australia, Austria, The Netherlands, Quatar, South Korea, Greece, Kuwait, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Norway, Hungary, The Phillipines, Finland, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Hong Kong, Macao, Malta, South Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Luxembourg, Lebanon, and Russia
※Already offered in Japan and Taiwan

Hello Kitty World [J]


[app id:505780419] No such application found. Maybe deleted? Embed iPhone/iPad App

Hello Kitty Pouch Ball Shaped Lunch Box LMT3 [J]

PGA iPhone/iPod compatible Sanrio Character AC Charger Hello Kitty RX-KTY539DO [J]

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