Japanese April Fools’ Day Is 3D! 3D! 3D!

Blame Avatar’s hit on screen. Many of Japanese big portal showed great originality on April Fools’ Day. Half a day ahead to 3D services launch in USA.
The No.1 Yahoo! Japan announced their migration to 3D top page on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

No.4 portal (by visitors, according to the NetRatings 2007 research [J]) Nifty

No. 6 Goo‘s

and No.8 OCN.

Yahoo’s one is not a real 3D, but for other three, you only need one red-blue glass, which frame can be downloaded from any of those sites.
Bulletin Board colossus 2 channel also ran text 3D prank, half a day ahead to Google Docs 3D.

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