Japan’s First Mobile WiMax Officially Announces Its Launch In July

UQ Communications, Japan’s first mobile WiMax carrier fund-raised by six shareholders including KDDI and Intel Capital, announced officially it had set the service launch on July 1st.

Toshiba, Panasonic and Onkyo(known as its brandname of Sotec[J] for PC) started accepting advance orders for new WiMax-enabled laptop models. Sony and Fujitsu will also start selling new models having WiMax capability very shortly. Several peripheral device developers such as I-O Data Device and NEC Access Technica[J] plan to introduce new models of data card and WiFi router enabling to connect with UQ’s WiMax network.

Toppan Printing and Sharp introduced their prototypes of digital signage devices using WiMax as data carrier, and those can be used for various purposes, which requires no data cable, including billboards telling time-limited sales at open-air shopping malls to potential bargain shoppers.

Furthermore, large ISPs such as Nifty[J] and NEC Biglobe[J], consumer electronics retailers such as Yamada Denki and Bic Camera will also join the team as MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators), and they will also start selling the service under each of their own service names.

As of July 1st when the service intends to be officially launched, UQ will set three cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya as its service coverage, and it is expected to be extended to every corner of the country within a couple of years.

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