2-channel Founder Exempted From Prosecution For Assisting Drug-Dealer

ITMedia reported that today March 19 Tokyo Local District Court dismissed a case filed last December that Hiroyuki Nishimura, a founder of Japanese giant anonymous bulletin board service 2-channel, for not deleting posts by an already-arrested illegal drug seller on the site.

[Breaking] 2-channel Founder Hiroyuki Nishimura’s Drug-deal Aid Case Sent To Prosecutor

Asahi briefly reports [J] that Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has sent today a case to the public prosecutor’s office for possible violation (inciting, instigation) of the Anti-drug Law.

2-channel has been accused by leaving some posts around illegal drug deals. Hiroyuki, who influenced US 4-chan, which is an indirect homage of 2-channel, told his ownership of the site was handed over to a Singaporean company Packet Monster in January 2009, and has been guiding Niconico group.


CEO of Dwango (runs Niconico Douga services) said “no comment, as I have not heard the news.” on Dwango’s press conference, ITMedia reports [J].

2-channel Bans 5 Major Summary Sites From Reusing Its Posts

Some 2-channel(2ch.net) users noticed early morning on June 3 that an unpopular notification page on 2-channel was updated with the warning message against 5 notorious 2-channel watcher blogs.

We ban the following URL from using copyrighted materials owned by 2ch, as it is detrimental that those people who damage to third parties and do not apologize. We also forbid the reuse of copyrighted materials on similar sites by those people and related persons.


We may take some actions against forged texts and reuse of our copyrighted materials without reference to ours.





The names of the summary sites are Yaraon, Hamusoku, Hachima-kikou, Oreteki Game Sokuhou@JIN and Nyu-soku VIP blog.

There are hundreds of 2-channel summary sites, which are posting summarized, emphasized with color and font-size decorated discussions from raw 2-channel threads. These named five are the most successful ones and have millions page views, which are converted to their profit by heavy affiliate advertising around posts.

Recently there are more people who only check those summary sites, instead of going to the original 2-channel, which 2-channel seemed not cared much for years. However, recently there are more critics arose that some summary sites forged their summary, by changing quoted posts for example, and they often became buzzed on Twitter and other social media with noted “on 2-channel”. Sometimes their posts are referred by English blog media.

All of the 5 sites immediately posted on this as their latest news. Some wrote that they would not be able to continue, some just pasted the warning. I guess that they are watching people’s reactions.

There are few other summary sites who gains the same or more traffic than these five, such like Itai News, Alfalfa, etc. People are guessing why 2-channel listed the five now.

I think that banned by 2-channel is not really meaningful, because they tried to hide who owns and manages 2-channel, to avoid responsibilities. So even if any of those summary sites keep copying new threads from 2ch, bringing that to the court means 2-channel has to set who is plaintiff, and that will cause troubles on 2-channel who receives lots of lawsuits and court-orders.

"596523:14:07.2147483647" This is where iPhone freezes

Well, sort of.

It has been a hobby for a few people at 2ch.net[J], Japan’s biggest anonymous BBS, to show off "how long they could let their iPhone stopwatch running".  On May 29th 2012, this astonishing new record was introduced to the BBS, which put those enjoying this hobby in shock.

The one who posted this screenshot commented that the counting of stopwatch freezed at the time shown above.  Actually, this is a well-known computer software problem called Year 2038 problem  where some software fails to work properly after its clock counts over 2,147,483,647.  You can find details here.

Since I couldn’t help testing whether iPhone clock has same problem, I tried to set my iPhone clock at year 2038, but counldn’t. The date selection after January 1st, 2038 was grayed out.  It might be the messege from Apple saying "Don’t mess with it or worry about it.  There is plenty of time to fix this".

2-channel Possessor Singaporean Company Is Dummy, Yomiuri Reports

Yomiuri Shimbun reported on March 27 that they had researched the ownership of 2-channel, Japanese gigantic anonymous bulletin board service, in Singapore, and resulted the self-claimed current owner Packet Monster Inc. in Singapore, is a paper company, one of 2,000 companies registered under Rikvin Consultance, whose address is the same as the Packet Monster, at 120 Telok Ayer Street.

2ch.net is managed and operated by PACKET MONSTER INC.

2-channel FAQ

Yomiuri’s correspondent contacted to Effendi Ahmad Faris Merican(sp?), one of the Packet Monster’s board members on the registration paper. Funny thing is that he answered to Yomiuri, “I was merely requested to be the executive. I have never heard about the 2-channel bbs.” at a shopping centre in suburb of Singapore on March 20.

Actually, when the hand-out of 2-channel ownership was announced by Hiroyuki, the founder of 2-channel, on January 2, 2009, there were some 2-channel users in Singapore visited the address, got the registration paper and concluded that there was no real company exists there. (1) [J], (2) [J]

Yesterday, Hiroyuki updated his blog to protest against Japanese government move to illegalize web-download [J], first time after the police raid to his house was reported on traditional media. Those media reports seemed to be sourced from the police leak, and this Yomiuri report might be on the same line which is saying that the 2-channel is still managed inside Japan.