Butterfly Offers “Ho-sukekun DX” For Yahoo! Mobage’s Pachinko & Slot Town

Butterfly Corporation [J] has released the pachinko machine simulation game of Heiwa Corporation’s “Ho-Tasukun DX,” for Yahoo! Mobage’s [J] 3D virtual space “Pachinko & Slot Town.”

“Ho-sukekun DX” is a type of pachinko machine known as a “Privilege Item,” boasted as immensely popular among its fans.  Within the rotating bodies of the 5 holes inside the owl shaped scoreboard of “Ho-sukekun,” the lottery begins when you win the hole with a V written, and when “VV” comes up, you win a big prize.  The chances of winning and the many balls which emerge when you win the big prize are one point of fascination, as supported by the fans of the time.

From now, the company will continue to add pachinko and slot simulation machines, both good old famous hits that aren’t around anymore as well as new types in operation today, to “Pachinko & Slot Town” as occasion calls.

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Yahoo! Mobage Celebrates 6 Million Uses Registration

Yahoo! Mobage, a joint social game networking service for PC run by Japan’s largest web service Yahoo! Japan and mobile social game giant DeNA, starts a present campaign celebrating its 6 million users registration.

If you play any games on Yahoo! Mobage first in time, and purchase anything on selected stores on Yahoo! Shopping, you will get 1,000 Yahoo! points, which is worth 1,000 yen for shopping on Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Mobage passed 3 million users in March, 5 months after launch, so their adding latter half of the 5 million took 8 months, which is slowed-down. However, the pace is still higher than Facebook, as its active users are around 5.24 million according to SocialBakers (which is not super precise though) currently.

Indeed, people pay lots less on PC social game if you compare with Japanese feature phone social game, but Yahoo! Mobage is taking up a firm position with people who play social game on PC based social network in Japan.

Yahoo! Japan To End Social Network Yahoo! Days

Yahoo! Japan announced [J] that they would cease a social networking service Yahoo! Days on October 3, 2011. On July 6, most of activities around messages, photos and community will be disabled.

My page above showed me no recent diaries and messages of friends…

Yahoo! Days, which started in February 2006 as Yahoo! 360°, the same name as U.S. Yahoo!’s social network, was renamed to Yahoo! Days on July 31, 2006.

For current users, Yahoo! Japan will provide two assistance,

Yahoo! Mobage Passes 3 Million Users In 5 Months, Facebook Falls Down To 6th Position

Yahoo! Mobage [J], a joint PC social game platform by two Japanese web gorillas Yahoo! Japan and DeNA, announced [J] that the number of their users passed over three million in 5 months since its official open on October 1st, 2010.

3 million is bigger than 2.55 million, the number of active users Facebook Japan has gotten so far (according to Socialbakers.com), though Facebook’s Japanese users also shows a spike helped by recent media rush. See the chart from Socialbakers.

The social network service is designed around social games, but has user profile, messaging between users and user communities like other social networks. Yahoo! Mobage’s profile page is like this,

As DeNA repeatedly says their “virtual graph”(friends network does not necessary need to be based on your real-life network) does not compete with “social graph” oriented networks like Mixi (and Facebook), you may say how huge mobile Mobage-Town/Gree and PC Yahoo! Mobage has no relation with real-world-based Facebook’s success in Japan.

But if you start suspecting the future importance of building friends network from real-life, this means Facebook Japan becomes down to the 6th player, needs to chase Yahoo! Mobage in addition to Gree, Mobage-Town, Mixi and Twitter.

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