Butterfly Offers “Ho-sukekun DX” For Yahoo! Mobage’s Pachinko & Slot Town

Butterfly Corporation [J] has released the pachinko machine simulation game of Heiwa Corporation’s “Ho-Tasukun DX,” for Yahoo! Mobage’s [J] 3D virtual space “Pachinko & Slot Town.”
“Ho-sukekun DX” is a type of pachinko machine known as a “Privilege Item,” boasted as immensely popular among its fans.  Within the rotating bodies of the 5 holes inside the owl shaped scoreboard of “Ho-sukekun,” the lottery begins when you win the hole with a V written, and when “VV” comes up, you win a big prize.  The chances of winning and the many balls which emerge when you win the big prize are one point of fascination, as supported by the fans of the time.
From now, the company will continue to add pachinko and slot simulation machines, both good old famous hits that aren’t around anymore as well as new types in operation today, to “Pachinko & Slot Town” as occasion calls.
©DeNA ©Butterfly
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