New Steve Jobs Biography Manga Starts

Mari Yamazaki’s new manga series, comicalization of Walter Isacson’s Steve Jobs biography “Steve Jobs”, began today on Kodansha Kiss Magazine. (Please check my Japan Times column last week introducing three Steve Jobs manga.)


Yahoo! Bookstore offers free preview of the first half, 17pages. You may read it here, though texts are all in Japanese. The blue big button “無料で読む” is a link to html viewer.


The story begins with episodes that how Walter Isacson became to be his biographer after Jobs’ passionate approach, at first without knowing his cancer.

Here is a video that the author Mari Yamazaki’s message, with how she draws it.

In Japan, couple of hundreds or thousands page manga series are usually released in anthology magazine first, with 10-20 different manga. Then, when with every 200-300 pages stocks, paperback version will be published.

Mangajet Makes Your Tweet Into A Comic-style Illustration

Mangajet [J] is a new Japanese service which let you make a Japanese manga-comic style illustration with provided characters, background images, baloons with your text.

The generated comic strip can be saved and shared on Twitter.

Following to the Japanese manga standard, text will be written in top-to-bottom direction so Western languages won’t fit well, unfortunately.

The service was released as a promotion of a free digital manga material directory Manga Sozai Jiten, which is run by Datacraft.

There is Feel on!, a web service to comicalize your Twitter timeline as well (and that one now supports English).

via INTERNET Watch

Twitcmap – Twitter-based Masssive Comic Market Directory

Twitcmap [J], run by a illustration sharing community Tinami [J], is a web service to try to make a huge map of the world’s largest self-publishing comic fair “Comic Market” [J], which is held twice in a year in Tokyo, in a user-generated style with utilizing Twitter.

Comic Market official says that there are over 35,000 circles set their booths during 3 days convention. On this Twitcmap, over 11,000 of them registered their booth location, with their circle name, illustration, description and Twitter account.

If you log in and register your circle, you can find location of other circles which you follow on Twitter. As those small circles socialize each other, and give each other small helps such like lending hands when their friends circle have too many purchaser lining up, this kind of directory is useful.

The 81th Comic Market is running from 29th to today at Tokyo Big Sight.

Japan Airlines To Start The World’s First In-Flight e-Comic Next Spring

Japan’s national carrier Japan Airlines(JAL) announced the world’s first digital manga(Japanese comic) service “Sky Manga” on board with one of the nation’s largest publisher Shogakukan and digital publishing company eBook Initiative Japan [J]. The new service will be a part of new Boeing 787 debut on JAL.

The service will start from March 2012, 90 comics in total, the first to the third series of each 30 manga-s supplied by Shogakukan. The manga-s are changed each couple of months. The first selection includes following popular comics series (click to Amazon Japan),

Major―Dramatic baseball comic (1) (少年サンデーコミックス)
Major―Dramatic baseball comic (1)

釣りバカ日誌 (1) (ビッグコミックス)

岳 (1) (ビッグコミックス)

天(そら)は赤い河のほとり (1) (少コミフラワーコミックス)

僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ 1 (フラワーコミックス)