Andamul Releases “Itazurana Kiss” Social Game For GREE

Andamul [J], in coordination with Peer Digital Communications, has released a social game for Tada Kaoru’s young lady manga, “Itazurana Kiss” (Tease Kiss), Itazurana Kiss ~ Another Story ~ [J], for GREE.
“Itazurana Kiss” is a series which appeared in “Bessatsu Margaret” (manga magazine) in the 1990’s.  The total number of comics sales in Japan and abroad is a big success recorded at 30 million yen, and in recent years has gained popularity in Taiwan and Korea as a drama remake production.  It is still a greatly popular work with an extensive bed of support.  “Itazurana Kiss ~ Another Story ~” has new characters added to the original version, and fans of the original as well as existing fans of romance games can enjoy the subject matter.  The story varies depending on avatar status and story options, so you can enjoy multiple endings.

Itazurana Kiss 1 (Shueisha Paperback Comic Version) [J]

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