Twitcmap – Twitter-based Masssive Comic Market Directory

Twitcmap [J], run by a illustration sharing community Tinami [J], is a web service to try to make a huge map of the world’s largest self-publishing comic fair “Comic Market” [J], which is held twice in a year in Tokyo, in a user-generated style with utilizing Twitter.

Comic Market official says that there are over 35,000 circles set their booths during 3 days convention. On this Twitcmap, over 11,000 of them registered their booth location, with their circle name, illustration, description and Twitter account.

If you log in and register your circle, you can find location of other circles which you follow on Twitter. As those small circles socialize each other, and give each other small helps such like lending hands when their friends circle have too many purchaser lining up, this kind of directory is useful.
The 81th Comic Market is running from 29th to today at Tokyo Big Sight.

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