All Japanese Stocks Jump Up 10000% on Google Search

[Update] It seems fixed now (21:40 31th)

Google’s instant stock search feature, one of the quick search results shown at the top of search results page, has been showing ten-thousandfold high price for stock prices on Japanese market today.

(Nintendo stock on Google and Yahoo! Japan Finance)

American stocks seem to be okay. Only Japanese stocks seem to be affected.


It has been showing the wrong prices since around the open of the market, 9 a.m. of Japan Standard Time, and has not been fixed 8 hours so far.

Here is the one of the first tweets by whom noticed and shared.

Gree’s Tanken Doriland Bug Let Users Copy Rare-Cards, Sell At Auction Over $300

Early Sunday morning on 2-channel social-network forum, there are people reporting a cheat using bug on a social game Tanken Doriland, run on Japan’s large social game platform Gree.

If believe it, Tanken Doriland’s player can copy any virtual card by using two accounts on two cellphones, by sending the original to the other phone, then as the same user on both cellphone, receiving the sent card by pushing buttons on the two phones simultaneously. As being a programmer, I guess it is possible that the system failed to handle exclusive access control.

As I have not confirmed this bug myself (I won’t), some users uploaded screenshots of the game with many of rarely-encountered cards to show they could at least have those bunch of rare cards, though it is still possible to photoshop any screenshots.

There are some users selling rare-cards of the game on Yahoo! Auction. For example, this seller sold 7 of the same rare-cards each by 30,000 yen (US$377) within 3 hours around the time when the story appeared on 2-channel.

Searching the same rare-card “Reicheri” on Yahoo! Auction [J] returns many sellers, which bidding prices seem to go down under 10,000 yen per card now.

The most rared cards on such kind of mobile social games are said to cost much more than that if you try to get in regular way.

via Imouto ha Vipper [J]

Docomo Suspends New Android T-01D Sale On The Launch Day

Docomo started to sell Regza Phone T-01D [J], Fujitsu-Toshiba Android phone November 18, but in the afternoon it stopped selling and announced that the handset has malfunction [J]. Docomo had been selling 5,200 of T-01D until 17:00, and 245 of the purchasers reported issues that they could not call or access the web.

via Ketai Watch [J]

[Update 2011-11-23] Docomo announced [J] on Nov 22 that the issue was that you can not turn on the handset when battery is charged less than 5%. Software update will be distributed as soon as becoming ready.

Google+ iPhone App Bug (unable to write Japanese/Chinese/Korean) Fixed

The Google+ iPhone App‘s huge but only affected for some countries has been fixed after about 10 days.

As we reported on September 26, Japanese (Chinese and Korean as well) Google+ user who updated the app found that they were unable to put in their native language letters.

The new version has come on October 4 with changes;

  • Fixed bug with Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Re-enable autocomplete when composing a post

It was quite a show-stopper for East Asians. I hope they will have test item with Asian languages before shipment.

Google+ iPhone App Degraded For Japan And Others

Google released a new version of Google+ app for iPhone on iTunes store. However, upgrading the app will stop Japanese users from typing Japanese texts.

The revision seems to block users converting phonetics to Japanese (both Chinese-kanji and kana) letters. I guess that the new feature “Improved +mention support” seems to grab every single users key types before Japanese input method work to convert.

iTunes reviews tell the no Japanese input method is working.

Chinese reviewers are also complaining on they can not write texts on the latest version.

With good preparation with Japanese language help/guide/etc., Google+ had a good start in Japanese. This is not a good sign showing how Google not testing for East Asian countries before its shipment.