Mixi Launches Smartphone Photo App Sends You Free Photobook Every Month

Mixi released iPhone/Android free app Nohana [J] today.

The app is a camera application with backend photo storage web service. Every month, you get one free photobook (stamp fee 90-yen = $1 required though) made from your taking photos. The book will have 28 pages with 20 photos.

They said that their business model is to sell the second or more photobooks, such like a gift to grand-parents living remotely.

The app is seen on US iTunes Store, but the texts are all in Japanese. And the truth that the site says 90-yen mail fee only, it sounds like the free book is only available domestically.

ノハナ フォトブック印刷・成長記録アプリ

Genre: Photo & Video, Lifestyle
Language: English, Japanese
Price: free
Version: 5.11.0

Artist: nohana, Inc.
Released at: 9:30 AM
User Rating (all version):
(by 20)
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[Photo] How To Land A Job At Rakuten

Gayle L McDowell’s book “The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a Job at Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any Top Tech Company” is translated to Japanese and sold in Japan this month.

The cover image of the Japanese version book posted by a blogger Yumaendo got a huge buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Probably for Japanese market, the title of the book is changed to “How to take a job at Google, Apple and Microsoft”, and the extra cover at bottom says “… and I teach you how to take a job at Rakuten” with Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s photo.

Yumaendo wrote that how his photo were copied into other social media without his credit. The popular one on Twitter has “The least wanted extra cover is buzzing on the net” comment.

Generally, Japanese books have a color cover sheet in slick paper. Whilst the book is newly published and/or being promoted, they also have a shorty extra-cover with catches, recommendations by authorities, how many copies sold, etc. In store, shop clerks will offer to set another paper cover for people who want to hide what they are reading on train commuting.


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Major Publishers, Novelists And Cartoonists Pressures Over 100 Book-Scan Agents

プラス 断裁機 裁断幅A4 PK-513L 26-106

FUJITSU ScanSnap S1500 FI-S1500

According to ITMedia [J], Internet Watch [J] and others, 7 major Japanese publishers (Kadokawa Shoten, Kodansha, Kobunsha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, Shinchosha and Bungei Syunjyu) and 122 known authors of novels and manga reportedly sent a question letter to over 100 companies who are selling so-called “Jisui”(自炊) service.

“Jisui” originally means “self cooking” in Japanese, but in this case “to jisui” means to cut off and scan your paper books into digital formats, to read on digital devices, especially for mobile tablets.

“Self” scanning your own purchased books/manga are legal. However, there have been many small agents appearing who do that work for you. Customers send books to the agents, then the agents slice out pages, scan and digitize, send back digitized file. Publisher side claims that even with your purchasing books, asking scan to other with paying fee violates copyright-law.

Many of such agents give general caveats like “You should send only books you got permission to scan from copyright holder” to avoid the issue, so these publishers and authors try to make it clear that they did not permit, and would not.

They seemed to notify media that they sent the question letter, but did not open the letter itself. ITMedia found a copy of the question letter from a certain agent who received it.

More than half of the protesting authors are cartoonists, including pretty big names. From legendary Fujiko-Fujio(A), Leiji Matsumoto, Go Nagai to Hirohiko Araki, Naoki Urasawa, Masashi Kishimoto, Yoko Kamio, etc.

Nyotaigoyomi: Page-a-day Calendar Girls App

Nyotai-Goyomi (=girl’s body calendar. The word nyotai is the same one in notorious nyotai mori) is a set of girls’ photos who has date drawn somewhere on her skin.

The date drawn on girls seem to be in various formats including Japanese digits. If you don’t understand Japanese date notations, these apps may be not so useful. Well, your smartphone can easily show current date for free so people who purchase this may not care the information itself.

Bijin Dokei(Tokei) achieved huge success in Japan with “Time” and girls so this one may be welcomed, too.

Every month, new Nyotai Goyomi application are published on iPhone and Android under different themes.

Photos of some date are on the developer’s blog [J].

via GirlsNews [J]

Coca Cola Japan’s Facebook Promotion App Stopped Two Days

Coca Cola Japan’s Coca Cola Park [J] is one of the most successful Facebook promotion is Japan. The original promotion site, which supports both Facebook and Mixi, embraces 10 million members, half a billion page views per month. Sugoi Jihanki (= great vendor machine) is a Facebook app provided in the Coca Cola Park.

On March 2nd, the Sugoi Jihanki Facebook app became inaccessible [J],

The app has been suspended for 2 days, and has recovered on March 4. Only information explained by Coca Cola Japan by its marketing lead Hiroto Ebata’s tweet was that Coca Cola side’s operation had an issue. What kind of issue was not disclosed. Ebata also requests that there should be special Facebook accounts which are not banned for this kind of huge promotion. He tweeted that he would be happy to pay for it.

At the same time, Ebata introduced his new book on the Coca Cola Park promotion. “Coca Cola Park wo 100 bai tanoshimu Hon”(= A book to enjoy Coca Cola Park 100 times more) will be published tomorrow, March 5 with 1,000 yen (US$12).

コカ・コーラ パークを100倍楽しむ本