Nyotaigoyomi: Page-a-day Calendar Girls App

Nyotai-Goyomi (=girl’s body calendar. The word nyotai is the same one in notorious nyotai mori) is a set of girls’ photos who has date drawn somewhere on her skin.

The date drawn on girls seem to be in various formats including Japanese digits. If you don’t understand Japanese date notations, these apps may be not so useful. Well, your smartphone can easily show current date for free so people who purchase this may not care the information itself.
Bijin Dokei(Tokei) achieved huge success in Japan with “Time” and girls so this one may be welcomed, too.
Every month, new Nyotai Goyomi application are published on iPhone and Android under different themes.

Photos of some date are on the developer’s blog [J].
via GirlsNews [J]


  1. the link for “april (schoolgirls)” is the same as the one for the maids.

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