Learn English On Twitter – At Least 5 Japanese Books For That

A Japanese blogger Bricklife pointed out that there are so many Japanese books on how to learn English by Twitter published.

A Japanese and an English authors wrote up twitter conversations among fictional characters. The characters exist on Twitter so you may follow them and read.

The author issued “Diary in English”, “Pocket Planner in English” teaches how to greet, ask and appreciate on Twitter in several different situations.

1,600 phrase examples to tweet, such like “Just faved!”, “Got to have beer after a day’s hard work.”

Only 15 minutes a day, reading and writing 140-letter English makes your English improved surprisingly. Offers a good list of 43 useful, celebrity accounts.

English daily life are categorized into 13 contextualized examples for tweeting. Recommends 60 Twitter accounts. Authors were gathered over Twitter from Japan/USA/Canada.

As there are no pressure by Facebook in Japanese web, Twitter enjoys its prosperity. “By Twitter” seems to be a good catch to sell a new book in Japan at now.

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