New Book: Twitter Beginning Guide For Nuturing Mom

I gave up counting how many Twitter books are published in Japan. There seem to be reaching 500 soon on Amazon Japan [J].
As we already covered before, more than 5 books suggest to learn English by Twitter, of course there are Twitter manga-s.
It looks like that if you include “Twitter” in your book title, the book will sell great, at least publishers think so.
This time, it hits on mothers bearing a baby.
Mama no Tame no Kosodate Twitter Nyumon(Twitter Begining Guide for Mom to nurture) is it.
The publisher’s note tells,

Twitter is a tool to keep murmuring. Often you may not get any responses, but tweeting a bit reduces your stress, organizes your thoughts. The best thing is that you feel being casually connected with people whose minds are close to you, even if the real distances are far.
Twitter saves mothers who tend to be isolated in modern parenting, and destresses them.

The book is on sale for 1,260 yen (US$15).

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