Shibuya 109 Fashion Social Game Release

Tokyu Malls Development, run by Butterfly and the fashion building “SHIBUYA 109,” have released “SHIBUYA 109 -StyleCollection-”, a social game for mixi based on “SHIBUYA 109.”

“SHIBUYA 109 -StyleCollection-” is a reality based social game coupled with the actual fashion building as the setting.  Users become the manager of a newly opened “SHIBUYA 109” shop, create their own avatar, challenge against rival shops in customer service battles, and together with their stylish staff aim to be the No. 1 shop.  There is now a campaign to commemorate the launch of this service, where all players who visit the actual “SHIBUYA 109” shop will receive an avatar background featuring the symbolic cylindrical building.  You can get it from the touch panel set up on the eighth floor of the building whenever you visit the shop.  As the first part of the plan to link up with popular shops, the number one selling “CECIL McBEE” is featured.  When you actually visit the “CECIL McBEE” shop on the second floor of “SHIBUYA 109,” you receive a limited staff card (in the game) modeling the staff from the “CECIL McBEE” shop, and furthermore if you introduce friends within the game, you can get an avatar with a popular item sold there.  There will also be a collaboration with the major fan festival “Shibuya109 Girls Festival 2012” for girls held at Shibuya Hikarie on May 12th.  Those attending this event will be presented with a one day limited item in the game.  From now the company will be developing various devices to link up the game with reality with “SHIBUYA 109” as the setting.

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Experiment: Can You Identify Twitter Users In Tokyo?

A Japanese column media Omocoro [J] ran an interesting test in Shibuya, one of the most crowded area in Tokyo. A writer Sebuyama tries to find a random person whose tweets show he/she is in Shibuya.

All 3 target were picked up from search by “Shibuya nau(=now in Shibuya)” on Twitter, which sometimes could be 30 times per minute. Sebuyama picked up Twitter users who carelessly tweeted where they are shopping, what they were eating. All three were using real photo of them on icons, which is rather minority in Japanese Twitter.

Although he could not catch the first target as she hopped too many shops in short time, he could find other two by icons, photos of shops and lunch, some physical description such like body height on their Twitter profile.

The third person was tracked easily because he attached Foursquare URLs (FYI – Shibuya is one of the most checked-in cities on Foursquare around the world). Both persons were shocked that the unknown guy suddenly approached and called them by Twitter name, told what they had just ate at lunch. Both said that they would change their icons, stop tweeting with private information, or even stop Twitter itself.

It is possible that this kind of thing happen if you expose your info lots, however, good amount of the site readers, then Japanese net/Twitter users seemed to be surprised and the column spread widely.

NHN Japan, Naver Japan and Livedoor To Be A Single Company, NHN Japan

NHN Japan and its subsidiaries Naver Japan and Livedoor announced [J] today that it would merge three companies into one, new NHN Japan on January 1, 2012.

According to ComScore, the whole NHN Japan group is getting 43.08 million unique users’ visit monthly. The group has been enhancing its smartphone support, and the total number of applications download reached 17 million times.

Korea-originated NHN Japan bought Livedoor by $67 million in April 2010, is expected to generate multiplier effect. As we reported last month, the three companies planned to move their office to a newly constructed office building Shibuya Hikarie in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Social game network Hangame business will be managed by Game Division, led by the CEO Akira Morikawa. The head of Web Service Division, which will handle current Naver Japan and Livedoor portals, will be Takeshi Idezawa, the current Livedoor president. Livedoor’s data center business will be remained to Livedoor, which will be renamed with “Data Hotel K.K.”

Tokyo’s Long-Standing Club “Harlem” Produces Old-School Hip Hip Social Game

The long standing club in Shibuya “HARLEM” [J] has produced the hip hop themed social game “Battle HIPHOP!!! HARLEM.” [J]  Service began on Mobage for Japan.

“Battle HIPHOP!!! HARLEM,” developed by Alchemia, [J] is the first hip hop social game in the country, based on the creative production of the established soul music club “HARLEM.”

The basic structure is an avatar battle game in which the user selects their favorite of three occupations: DJ, dancer, and rapper, and levels up by changing their avatar’s look with various fashion items. In addition to social game users, the game also appeals to young people who like hip hop music and fashion, and the company estimates that over 500,000 users will join.

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