Tokyo’s Long-Standing Club “Harlem” Produces Old-School Hip Hip Social Game

The long standing club in Shibuya “HARLEM” [J] has produced the hip hop themed social game “Battle HIPHOP!!! HARLEM.” [J]  Service began on Mobage for Japan.
“Battle HIPHOP!!! HARLEM,” developed by Alchemia, [J] is the first hip hop social game in the country, based on the creative production of the established soul music club “HARLEM.”
The basic structure is an avatar battle game in which the user selects their favorite of three occupations: DJ, dancer, and rapper, and levels up by changing their avatar’s look with various fashion items. In addition to social game users, the game also appeals to young people who like hip hop music and fashion, and the company estimates that over 500,000 users will join.
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