The Bar Android Opens In Shibuya, Tokyo

Do you have Android mobile? Then let’s go to this bar! My friend’s @Kabayan opens the hangout “Bar Android”  at Shibuya, Tokyo for Android users.
2F Udagawa-cho 37-14, Shibuya, Japan, 150-0042

There is a projector. And there are power supplies, so it’s not necessary for you to mind battery consumption.

Gingerbread Cookie! If you can understand it, you are an android user definitely! 🙂

The bar operates 19:00 – 23:30 every Monday only. Drinks and snacks are all 500 yen. Japanese food set meal is 1,000 yen.
Kabayan’s comment;

Who can make a place where you meet with others who are interested in Android?
When I met several guys at a bar in Shibuya, I felt that Shibuya is ‘the place’. At that time, my friend introduced his friend who owns a bar in Shibuya. He was looking for idea to make his bar popular. So I told him my idea to give a concept for the bar.
I named the bar ‘Android’, because Android OS being used under many situations to connect people matches with the concept I want for my bar.
The bar space is not my own, but people who are interested in Android will support us, I expect.
Please come to the bar, have a drink and talk with me!

Fortunately, the bar doesn’t shut out people who are not Android users. I went there yesterday with my iPhone4 🙂
Please also check the followings.
Bar Android Twitter
Bar Android Facebook fan page
(These are written only in Japanese at present, but English support is available.)

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