NHN Japan, Naver Japan and Livedoor To Be A Single Company, NHN Japan

NHN Japan and its subsidiaries Naver Japan and Livedoor announced [J] today that it would merge three companies into one, new NHN Japan on January 1, 2012.
According to ComScore, the whole NHN Japan group is getting 43.08 million unique users’ visit monthly. The group has been enhancing its smartphone support, and the total number of applications download reached 17 million times.
Korea-originated NHN Japan bought Livedoor by $67 million in April 2010, is expected to generate multiplier effect. As we reported last month, the three companies planned to move their office to a newly constructed office building Shibuya Hikarie in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Social game network Hangame business will be managed by Game Division, led by the CEO Akira Morikawa. The head of Web Service Division, which will handle current Naver Japan and Livedoor portals, will be Takeshi Idezawa, the current Livedoor president. Livedoor’s data center business will be remained to Livedoor, which will be renamed with “Data Hotel K.K.”

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