Japanese Government Warns Google Around Its New Privacy Policy

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) announced [J] on February 29 that they jointly notified to Google that its privacy policy which would be newly introduced on March 1 must respect laws and regulations, also inform users the change well.

Google, as well as on other countries and regions, has been asking Japanese users to read its new integrated, cross-service privacy policy.

Japanese Government Opens Social Media(=Twitter) Guide Site For Public Organizations

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) opened “Public Organization Social Media Portal” [J] to educate national governmental sections and local governments on how to utilize social media.

The portal shows several guidelines for 1. citizens to see social media and 2. government workers to send information via social media.

Interesting thing is, on this site “social media”/”private sector’s social media” all point Twitter only.

For people, the portal alerts that you should check if the governmental Twitter account is real, and provides some check points,

For national and local governmental sections, they hinted that the organization should have a link from their official website to the Twitter account, to convince people that the account is not fake. It also suggests that you should have a profile, giving account policy documentation and apply for Twinavi listing, which “is a possible path” to be a Twitter authenticated account, though it is also warned that listed on Twinavi does not guarantee to make it an authenticated account.

After the quake, some public/semi-public organizations have been opening Twitter accounts, including Prime Minister’s Office (English one), Tokyo Electric Power Co.(TEPCO) and Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (=army, though they are not allowed to identity themselves so).

January 2010 Japan-IT Links (part 2)

News on the latter half of January 2010 which we did not write as a dedicated article. Part 1 is here.

Referred pages are all in Japanese, unless otherwise stated.

Please let us know if you think we should write details on any news above.

Hummer Is Certified As “Eco Car” By Japanese Government

SEMA SHOW HUMMER H3 E85 cool exotic car
(photo by airgap)

This may not be really web/IT for regular Asiajin, but fuel saving is supported by IT, and car and software may be hot topic around US Toyota incident, too (thanks for link Paul).

More than 10 foreign car brands including Hummer H3 V8 were added to the government’s “Eco Car” tax reduction program which encourages people to replace their current cars with more environmental friendly ones.

Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that they expand their tax reduction program for eco-friendly cars to more foreign brands [J, pdf].

Foreign car vendors and importers have been protested that governmental stimulus packages mostly help Japanese cars.

We are very happy about how we appreciate that the Japanese government announced yesterday that they have, I guess after listening to our arguments, amended those regulations to the extent that foreign cars can more easily prove compliance with those requirements, as far as fuel efficiency requirements are concerned.

comment by Chairman of JAIA, Japan Automobile Importers Association

via Sankei Shimbun [J]

Japanese Government Promotes Puppet Security Idol “Securina”


Securina is an another virtual idol unit by puppets newly appeared into Japanese otaku scene, as a part of “Check PC” campaign backed by METI, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

Shina, from Tokyo, who is unfussy and easygoing, likes Parfait.


and Sena from Osaka, assertive and boyish, likes drive.


The “Check PC” campaign is supposed to enlighten the internet users about their security risk.

Here is their debut single promotion video. (pretty unstable. They should think about putting them onto Niconico Douga and YouTube, which I think unlikely happens though.)

I tried to listen and translate the first part of lyrics to English.

Watch out! P-L-E-A-S-E!
The day you disappear from me
The day your data disappear from my PC
Won’t show to anyone, but those are precious photos.
It freezed PC, freezed me. Freezed!

Oh, what? What happenned? Really? Gee. I’m in panic!
My secret photo is leaked to the Internet!
PC freeze, check please!

No one can be exception.
Forewarned is forearmed.
It’s not a joke.
That makes me blue.
So, so early, frequently check your PC, please!


Securina’s profile and how they become the first information security idol in Japan are also explained.

There are also security comic, check-list, self-exam and more to tell people about computer virus, phishing, fraudulent access, etc.

Securina blog widget (“Blog parts” in Japanese) is also provided.

[update] Impress Internet Watch reports that METI is going to run television commercial and train/bus posters, also 101,000 posters will be distributed to schools and libraries all over the nation.

via, again, Hideyuki Yoshikawa’s blog from which we recently covered Japanese Social Media scene and Social Media Prism.