iPhone Battery Charger Having A Face

Elecom Japan’s new compact iPhone battery charger AVA-ACU01 series hitting on store this middle of July has a cute variation AVA-ACU01F1, face designed one.

The adapter takes Japan’s AC100V and provide DC5V with USB socket, which your iPod/iPhone can be plugged.

Yes, that is cute. But a Japanese iPhone fangirl blog iPhone Joshi suggests to do it yourself.

Then you can get the one now at anywhere.

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January 2010 Japan-IT Links (part 2)

News on the latter half of January 2010 which we did not write as a dedicated article. Part 1 is here.

Referred pages are all in Japanese, unless otherwise stated.

Please let us know if you think we should write details on any news above.

Mail Order Giant To Release Wardrobe iPhone App

Senshukai's Logo

Bellemaison's Logo

Osaka-based catalog mail order giant Senshukai[J] is going to introduce an iPhone/iPod app allowing you to check up showcases filled with fashionable clothes.   It is now under Apple’s consideration for upcoming release and will be available at AppStore next week.

Senshukai has an experimental website, which is called Bellmaison Lab[J], developing and demonstrating new services for the new-generation mail order schemes.

Senshukai's iPhone App

The new app is developed by a tech start-up Yappa, and based on a platform which is also used for Sankei Newspaper’s iPhone/iPod app.   When you find something you wish to purchase, you will be connected to a sales representative on the phone by clicking an order button seen on the app screen.

I wonder why an ordering process cannot be completed on the app, and I suppose Apple might prohibit any kind of money-making transaction to be made through iPhone app platform, that’s why potential shoppers are forced to make a call for an order.   Leafing through the catalog and an ordering process are separated, which might be good for fashion shopping addicts in order to control their desires.

July 7th Update:

We learned that Apple had announced to support in-app purhase feature on iPhone OS 3.0 and its later.   As soon as the app supports the feature, you’ll be able to purchase an item without making a call to anyone.   But If a merchandiser uses the feature, it has to pay 30% of the purchase price of each item to Apple.

Available at AppStore

Masayoshi Son Retrospects A Meeting With Steve Jobs About Cellphone iPod Idea

At the iPhone 3GS launch event in Omotesando, Tokyo, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son told a story about when he talked an idea of combining iPod and cellphone to Steve Jobs.

According to Son, he had a meeting with jobs in 4,5 years ago, which is before he bought the Japan’s third biggest cellphone company from Vodafone. There he told Jobs about his intention either to establish or buy cellphone company in Japan, and asked if Apple could make a new device which combines their popular music player iPod and cellphone. Jobs answered to Son that he actually had been thinking the same idea.

He also announced that the nation’s superstar group SMAP is cast as their Softbank Mobile’s brand character, stepping into Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt‘s shoes.

via iPhone 3G Wiki blog [J]

Be More Punctual And Smarter With NHK

NHK's Logo

On Thursday, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK released the iPhone/iPod app imitating its originally designed clock which used to be seen by almost all of Japanese people at the beginning of every evening’s news program.
(This link will launch your iTunes to download the app.)

NHK Clock iPhone/iPod App #1 NHK Clock iPhone/iPod App #2

As Japanese terrestrial TV broadcast switches into digital, broadcasters can no longer bring you the time signals telling accurate time, due to the time lag caused by video/audio compression and decompression processes especially required for digital broadcast and its viewing.

In response to the expectations of the clock’s  fans who has lost opportunity to see it, NHK has released several editions of the virtual clock app in forms of Adobe AIR-basd app, iWidget[J] (for NTT DoCoMo’s cellphone handsets) and blog widget for major blog platforms.

On the other hand, individual Macintosh software developer Mr. Nobuatsu Sekine developed and released the iPhone/iPod app a couple of weeks ago, allowing you to read and listen to news scripts provided by Radio Japan or NHK’s overseas broadcast in seven languages – Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian.
(This link will launch your iTunes to download the app.)

FLNews #1 FLNews #2

Since the app shows you the transcripts of news headlines and also makes you hear fluent story reading by native speaking news anchors, it would be a great tool for your daily-basis language learning, and the app developer hopes so.