Masayoshi Son Retrospects A Meeting With Steve Jobs About Cellphone iPod Idea

At the iPhone 3GS launch event in Omotesando, Tokyo, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son told a story about when he talked an idea of combining iPod and cellphone to Steve Jobs.

According to Son, he had a meeting with jobs in 4,5 years ago, which is before he bought the Japan’s third biggest cellphone company from Vodafone. There he told Jobs about his intention either to establish or buy cellphone company in Japan, and asked if Apple could make a new device which combines their popular music player iPod and cellphone. Jobs answered to Son that he actually had been thinking the same idea.
He also announced that the nation’s superstar group SMAP is cast as their Softbank Mobile’s brand character, stepping into Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt‘s shoes.
via iPhone 3G Wiki blog [J]

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