New Steve Jobs Biography Manga Starts

Mari Yamazaki’s new manga series, comicalization of Walter Isacson’s Steve Jobs biography “Steve Jobs”, began today on Kodansha Kiss Magazine. (Please check my Japan Times column last week introducing three Steve Jobs manga.)


Yahoo! Bookstore offers free preview of the first half, 17pages. You may read it here, though texts are all in Japanese. The blue big button “無料で読む” is a link to html viewer.


The story begins with episodes that how Walter Isacson became to be his biographer after Jobs’ passionate approach, at first without knowing his cancer.

Here is a video that the author Mari Yamazaki’s message, with how she draws it.

In Japan, couple of hundreds or thousands page manga series are usually released in anthology magazine first, with 10-20 different manga. Then, when with every 200-300 pages stocks, paperback version will be published.

The Nikkei: KDDI To Start Offering The iPad Mini From November

The existence of a smaller version of the iPad hasn’t even been confirmed by Apple yet, but here is something fresh from the rumor mill in Japan: according to a report published in The Nikkei today, KDDI is currently “finalizing a deal” under which the company will start offering the “iPad Mini” from November.

So far, rival SoftBank has been the sole 3G service provider for the iPad in Japan. The country’s third largest carrier also monopolized the domestic iPhone market until Apple tied up with KDDI, too, in October last year.

One year later, it looks like history repeats itself, but this time with a tablet.

If the Nikkei report is to be believed, KDDI asked Apple to sell the current generation of the iPad in Japan earlier this year as well, but the deal fell through.

The paper is not ruling out the possibility that SoftBank will offer the iPad Mini along with KDDI.

As a reaction to the rumor, KDDI stock rose today at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while shares of SoftBank fell.

"596523:14:07.2147483647" This is where iPhone freezes

Well, sort of.

It has been a hobby for a few people at[J], Japan’s biggest anonymous BBS, to show off "how long they could let their iPhone stopwatch running".  On May 29th 2012, this astonishing new record was introduced to the BBS, which put those enjoying this hobby in shock.

The one who posted this screenshot commented that the counting of stopwatch freezed at the time shown above.  Actually, this is a well-known computer software problem called Year 2038 problem  where some software fails to work properly after its clock counts over 2,147,483,647.  You can find details here.

Since I couldn’t help testing whether iPhone clock has same problem, I tried to set my iPhone clock at year 2038, but counldn’t. The date selection after January 1st, 2038 was grayed out.  It might be the messege from Apple saying "Don’t mess with it or worry about it.  There is plenty of time to fix this".

[Photo] How To Land A Job At Rakuten

Gayle L McDowell’s book “The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a Job at Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any Top Tech Company” is translated to Japanese and sold in Japan this month.

The cover image of the Japanese version book posted by a blogger Yumaendo got a huge buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Probably for Japanese market, the title of the book is changed to “How to take a job at Google, Apple and Microsoft”, and the extra cover at bottom says “… and I teach you how to take a job at Rakuten” with Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s photo.

Yumaendo wrote that how his photo were copied into other social media without his credit. The popular one on Twitter has “The least wanted extra cover is buzzing on the net” comment.

Generally, Japanese books have a color cover sheet in slick paper. Whilst the book is newly published and/or being promoted, they also have a shorty extra-cover with catches, recommendations by authorities, how many copies sold, etc. In store, shop clerks will offer to set another paper cover for people who want to hide what they are reading on train commuting.

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[Report] Jobs Remembered At Apple Store Ginza

After the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death was reported on October 6th, there were some happenings at the Apple Store in Ginza.  At the moment there seem to be no plans to hold an official memorial event accordion to Apple Store, but nevertheless many Apple fans came to give flower offerings.  Also in many places sudden memorial events were held.

The state of affairs at the Ginza Apple Store on night of the 6th.  Although it may appear that the number of people was minimal, at that time people had gathered to the point that security guards went onto the sidewalk to regulate.

The situation at 10:00 P.M.  Although the store had been closed for an hour, bouquets were piled up thick.

Not only bouquets but also message cards and apples referencing the logo mark were offered in tribute.  Also in this way, the feeling that people truly love Steve Jobs the man and the Apple Corporation could truly be expressed.

Incidentally when I checked in to the Ginza Apple Store with the location information app “Foursquare,” I saw that some 266 users had also checked in.  Don’t you think that’s probably the first time so many people have ever checked into the Apple Store in one day?

Also, Melting Dots CEO Hiroshi Asaeda made a memorial video of  Steve Jobs and opened them out on YouTube and NicoNico Douga (Smile Video).  Please go ahead and watch it from here too.

Youtube version

NicoNico Douga version


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