The 2010 Most Popular Company For Japanese Job Seekers Is Google

Japanese outplacement firm Intelligence [J] released their research of what companies people want to join next [J], done on 5,000 of office workers between age 25 to 34.
On the ranking, Google jumped up from 2009’s third position because of good feeling to their “innovation” and “potential”.

2010 Rank in 2009 Company
1 3 Google
2 2 Sony
3 1 Toyota
4 4 Nintendo
5 5 Panasonic
6 9 Shiseido
7 6 All Nippon Airways
8 7 Oriental Land
9 10 Fuji Television
10 8 Honda

# Oriental Land is a company who runs Tokyo Disney Land/Sea.

Another software/web companies

2010 Rank in 2009 Company
11 33 Apple Japan
15 16 Rakuten
17 28 Recruit
24 21 Microsoft K.K.
25 23 Nippon(Japan) IBM
52 Cookpad
53 Yahoo! Japan
66 CyberAgent
75 Amazon Japan

The top listed 10 did not change, but at 11th, Apple Japan is ranked up from 2009’s 33rd, which is likely by a lot of iPhone/iPad exposure on news and ads by Softbank.
As you notice, Yahoo! Japan, which is much stronger than Google Japan here, is quite unpopular as a working place in compare. Amazon Japan also gets distanced from its rival Rakuten from the point of view of potential workers’ popularity.

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