Apple Partners With Dentsu To Boost Smartphone Ad Business In Japan

The world’s largest ad agency Dentsu announced it had partnered with Apple for the sales of smartphone ad network iAd in Japan.   Dentsu will start the sales in early 2011, and their subsidiary Cyber Communications Inc. provides ad content production services including media planning.
iAd is installed on iOS4, which is the latest edition of the iPhone platform, and allows the iPhone users to purchase goods, apps and content advertised while playing another apps.   The iPhone app developer participating in the ad network can receive a reward, which is 60% of the entire revenue earned through ads placed on his/her apps.
Apple took over Quattro Wireless last January for launching the iAd network in North America, and is expecting Dentsu will play the same role that Quattro does for launching their new business in Japan through the partnership.

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