[Report] Jobs Remembered At Apple Store Ginza

After the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death was reported on October 6th, there were some happenings at the Apple Store in Ginza.  At the moment there seem to be no plans to hold an official memorial event accordion to Apple Store, but nevertheless many Apple fans came to give flower offerings.  Also in many places sudden memorial events were held.

The state of affairs at the Ginza Apple Store on night of the 6th.  Although it may appear that the number of people was minimal, at that time people had gathered to the point that security guards went onto the sidewalk to regulate.

The situation at 10:00 P.M.  Although the store had been closed for an hour, bouquets were piled up thick.

Not only bouquets but also message cards and apples referencing the logo mark were offered in tribute.  Also in this way, the feeling that people truly love Steve Jobs the man and the Apple Corporation could truly be expressed.

Incidentally when I checked in to the Ginza Apple Store with the location information app “Foursquare,” I saw that some 266 users had also checked in.  Don’t you think that’s probably the first time so many people have ever checked into the Apple Store in one day?
Also, Melting Dots CEO Hiroshi Asaeda made a memorial video of  Steve Jobs and opened them out on YouTube and NicoNico Douga (Smile Video).  Please go ahead and watch it from here too.
Youtube version

NicoNico Douga version
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