Aichi Police Raids Amazon Japan over Child-porn Sales

Asahi reported today [J] that Aichi prefecture police had searched Amazon Japan head office at Meguro, Tokyo and Amazon Japan Logistics Center at Ichikawa, Chiba on suspicious of violation of child porn selling aid yesterday, January 23.

It seems like that a two guys, already arrested last September, of a Tokyo-based used book shop sold photo books featuring underage girls nude over Amazon’s marketplace. According to Asahi, Aichi police thinks Amazon Japan knew that those kind of items were sold on their site but did not take action.

Aichi Police Raids Amazon Japan over Child-porn Sales

TV Tokyo To Start A Reality Show, Can You Live Only By Amazon Products


A Japanese television station TV Tokyo announced that they would air a new show featuring online commerce site Amazon Japan, “Kaiteki! Amazon Seikatsu”(It’s nice! Amazon Life) from midnight March 4th.

A model and a comedian will live in one-room-mansions next to each other, challenge to set up the houses and live only with things purchasable on Amazon Japan.

via INTERNET Watch

Amazon Japan Now Accept Suica, Mobile e-Money Issued 36-Million By East Japan Railway


East Japan Railway, the nation’s largest railway company covers eastern Honshu (the main island of Japan) including Tokyo and around area, announced [J] that Amazon Japan (and its online shoes shop Javari) accepts their Suica e-money immediately from release day, February 19th.

Suica has been issued 38.88 million at the end of March 2012, 36.57 million of it support e-money payment. 2.82 million commuters use it on their cellphone and 74.64 million transactions are processed at 177,630 stations and shops monthly.

You may pay by mobile-suica directly on cellphones supporting osaifu-ketai, most of feature phones, some of Android handsets (prone to the ones provided by Japanese makers, but there are many exceptions). Card-type Suica can be used as well if your PC have, or you attach (suica-compatible) NFC reader on it.

Rakuten Edy, another e-money which has the largest issued number, and the other cellphone-based e-money iD, have been available on Amazon Japan.

Amazon Japan Mistakenly Teases Kindle Pages, But No Japanese E-Books

Amazon Japan, who has not been able to launch its long-awaited e-book reader/platform Kindle for years, leaked something related with Kindle on its website around September 3, just a couple of days before US Amazon’s press event planned on September 6 (7th in Japan timezone).

According to a blogger ArtSalt [J], the link appeared fist at 2-channel [J], an huge anonymous bulletin board service.

At around 3 a.m. September 4 (Japan Standard Time), an anonymous 2-channel user posted, “(New) Amazon Kindle will be sold on September 7 in Japan”, then on the following comment, s/he posted a link pointing a page on Amazon Japan.

When the link was posted on 2-channel, the page showed several “English” digital books with the page title including “Kindle Store” (Store was in Japanese). As Amazon has different contents in each countries, and the page’s domain was, that page and other pages linked from it were the pages for Japan.

Those pages were quickly taken down but you may see some on Google cache. There are several English e-books there but no Japanese titles. And the number of those English books are less than 20. So 2-channelers said that the page might be a testing page for Kindle device in Japan for Japanese market.

If that is their final test as 2-channelers guessed, new Kindle and Kindle Store will hit Japan as well as US and other countries who already enjoyed Kindle. However, as they should see Rakuten Kobo’s launch troubles around Japanese language issues, testing it without Japanese e-books is unlikely if their launch involves Japanese language e-books. Test all with English e-books may mean that Amazon Japan gave up launching Kindle for Japanese language readers for this time, but starts it for English readers living in Japan at this timing when Amazon globally releases new model of Kindle.

Rakuten Launches Teaser Site For Kobo e-Book Reader In Japan

Some time on the exact same day when Amazon Japan informed its customers Kindle coming to Japan market, Rakuten, the nation’s largest e-mall platform, is turned out to launch an information site of its e-book reader Kobo, which Rakuten bought November 2011.

The site has a single page with Kobo Touch eReader image, which has been sold in US since last year 2011. Same as Amazon Japan, the page has a button to subscribe mail newsletter.

Although CNET Japan reports [J] tonight that the site was launched June 21, no one referred the site until today on Twitter or other sites. Google Search does not show the URL indexed under the date earlier than yesterday. It seems for me that Rakuten reacted against Amazon Japan’s move. The Kobo’s product photo on the page having the original English contents displayed show that they did not have time to decorate it with more appealing Japanese mock-up.

CNET Japan also tells that Rakuten is planning to have a press conference on July 2, with Rakuten Chairman&President Hiroshi Mikitani, titled “Press conference for e-book business by Kobo”.

via @hiroumi’s tweet [J]