Microsoft Japan Finally Upgrades Staffs’ 4 Years-old Windows Phone

Microsoft Japan announced today that its employees are to get Lumia 830 instead of their current Windows Phone IS12T, Windows Phone device which are not sold in Japan. The announcement also notes that the company got Lumia 830’s Giteki-certification only for this purpose, to legalize its employees’ usage of the phone.

IS12T, made by Fujitsu and provided by KDDI au since 2011, is the only-ever sold Windows Phone in Japan. (There are a few SIM-free Windows Phone being planned for this summer by rather small vendors.)

IS12T is only upgradable from Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 7.8, not the latest version 8.0. Because of such situation, both user and application bases of Windows Phone are now pretty inactive in Japan. It seems that MS Japan staff have been forced to use the IS12T for 4 years.

Microsoft Japan tells that the Lumia 830 Giteki-certified does not directly mean that the handset would be available for regular Japanese consumers.

Some pointed out on Twitter that this move may be related with the Microsoft Japan’s developers event de:code held tomorrow. As the event attendees might be gifted Windows Phone, and as there are no other legal Windows Phone in Japan, that would be this same Giteki-certified Lumia 830.

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Buying A 173,250 Yen Doll From Microsoft Comes With Dev Tools, Or Opposite?

Microsoft Japan has been featuring Cloud-girl Claudia to grab the heart of anime-loving geeks.

Their latest campaign offers the limited Claudia doll for everyone who purchases Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN, which price is 173,250 yen (US$2200).

The doll is planned to be 15-20 centimeters(6-8 inches) heights, with serial number.

The campaign will end on June 29th. It is only valid for purchase inside Japan.

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[Photo] How To Land A Job At Rakuten

Gayle L McDowell’s book “The Google Resume: How to Prepare for a Career and Land a Job at Apple, Microsoft, Google, or any Top Tech Company” is translated to Japanese and sold in Japan this month.

The cover image of the Japanese version book posted by a blogger Yumaendo got a huge buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Probably for Japanese market, the title of the book is changed to “How to take a job at Google, Apple and Microsoft”, and the extra cover at bottom says “… and I teach you how to take a job at Rakuten” with Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani’s photo.

Yumaendo wrote that how his photo were copied into other social media without his credit. The popular one on Twitter has “The least wanted extra cover is buzzing on the net” comment.

Generally, Japanese books have a color cover sheet in slick paper. Whilst the book is newly published and/or being promoted, they also have a shorty extra-cover with catches, recommendations by authorities, how many copies sold, etc. In store, shop clerks will offer to set another paper cover for people who want to hide what they are reading on train commuting.

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Microsoft Japan’s Cloud Girl Sends You A New Year’s Card

Microsoft Developer Network(MSDN) runs a campaign for Japanese developers by featuring its cloud-technology poster girl Claudia. If you are living in Japan, you will be able to receive a Nengajou, new year’s greeting postcard from Claudia and a special guest Hikaru Aizawa, who is another anime campaign girl from Microsoft Taiwan [Zn]. (It is not possible to receive the postcard in Taiwan.)

You need an hotmail account and to give your postal address to the site. The application will end on December 19.

Microsoft Japan Windows DSP Campaign Comes With Its Anime Poster Girl Nanami Madobe

Microsoft Japan’s Winter campaign of Windows Ultimate DSP version [J] comes with Deanne Cheuk design Touch Mouse and its official poster character Nanami Madobe.

Nanami Madobe (Madobe Nanami in Japanese name order) was originally an unofficial character appeared from an Akihabara shop, became an official later before Cloud girl and Hyper-V girl. Nanami is from Japanese seven(“nana”)=7, and Madobe means “windows-side” in Japanese.

The bundled Nanami Madobe items are;

  • original video on which Nanami explains Microsoft Touch Mouse
  • Nanami Madobe Windows 7 desktop theme
  • 3 Nanami Madobe desktop background images (below)
  • 24 Nanami Madobe original sounds

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