Google Japan’s office in Skyscraper had a Small Fire

NHK reported [J] that the 30th office in Roppongi Hills’s Mori Tower had a minor fire burnt some carpet and card board boxes before 9 a.m. today November 27th.

Floors between 26th and 30th are used by Google Japan. (office visit report by AKIRA DRIVE)

Roppongi Hills is one of the Japanese IT centers, having Apple Japan, Gree, etc.

[Update] Sankei’s follow-up [J] tells that the cause might be a crystal ball in the Google Japan’s office. Crystal Ball!? Do they need to predict something by crystal reading?

[Update 2] Google Japan PR denied their having crystal ball in their office in reply to Sports Hochi [J]. Hochi says that the crystal ball info was from Azabu police department.

All Japanese Stocks Jump Up 10000% on Google Search

[Update] It seems fixed now (21:40 31th)

Google’s instant stock search feature, one of the quick search results shown at the top of search results page, has been showing ten-thousandfold high price for stock prices on Japanese market today.

(Nintendo stock on Google and Yahoo! Japan Finance)

American stocks seem to be okay. Only Japanese stocks seem to be affected.


It has been showing the wrong prices since around the open of the market, 9 a.m. of Japan Standard Time, and has not been fixed 8 hours so far.

Here is the one of the first tweets by whom noticed and shared.

Chromebook Finally Comes For Japanese Consumers

Google Japan official blog announced today November 11 that the first consumer Chromebooks will be sold in Japan.

Dell Chromebook 11 is sold today, Acer C720 Chromebook will be available on 13 at retails and online.

Chromebook had been only sold for enterprises and educational institutions in Japan since July.

Chromebook Finally Comes For Japanese Consumers

Google Agreed To Remove 122 Items By Court Order

Asahi reported that Google Japan answered them that they would remove the items ordered by Tokyo District Court. Complainer’s agent confirmed that most of the items are not showing up on Google Search results.

The complainer had claimed that Google showing the pages with implying that he was related with crimes is an invasion of privacy.

Google Agreed To Remove 122 Items By Court Order