CyberAgent And SNS Set Up New Company “7gogo,” Develop Public Group Talk App For Famous People

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has, in partnership with SNS Inc., established the new company 7gogo Inc. [J] (read: nana gogo), and has also announced the opening of a public group talk application for celebrities.

Fujita Susumu of CyberAgent will assume the post of representative director of 7gogo, and with Horie Takafumi as the founder, they will develop public group talk apps allowing you to view opinions and conversations shared between celebrities.  Also, according to a tweet by Fujita Susumu, [J] the origin of the company name is from Mr. Horie’s prisoner number “755.”  They are aiming for 1 million users within the first year after release, and they are currently recruiting members as their business opens.

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Up To 100 IMs Simuiltaneously! CyberAgent Releases Teen Girl MS “DECOLINK”

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has released the smartphone free messenger service DECOLINK [J], geared towards teen girls, for their Smartphone Ameba [J].

“DECOLINK” is a free smartphone messenger service  which lets you exchange messages with up to 100 people simultaneously.  It offers moving message icons, pictographic mini-emoticons that can be inserted into the message, a plethora of 10,000 “deco-stamps,”  oriented towards teen girls, all for free, and users can customize the display font and display screen background to their liking.  The deco-stamps are put together into a design suited for teen girls, and popular characters from Ameba services such as “Ameba Pigg,” “Booshuka,” and “Kiiteyo! Mirucho” also make an appearance.

This service was developed by their teens subdivision, carrying out business specializing in the smartphone service for junior high and high school girls known as “Candy” [J], a decorative homepage service.  From now, they are planning development of functions that cater to the wishes of teenage girls and pro-active collaborations with various contents, and they are now designing a smartphone platform architecture for teen girls centered on “Candy.”


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CyberAgent Teens Division Releases Girls Community “Make Me”

The teens division of CyberAgent [J] has released the cute self-photo and makeup research community for teen girls Make me [J].

The teens division is a post designated for developing smartphone services for high school girls, and up until this time has been offering the smartphone decorative homepage service “Candy,” the photo only profile service “Photofeel,” the messenger app “DECOLINK,” the love story specialized community “Palette,” and now the release of “Make me” makes this their fifth service installment.

“Make me” is a research community for makeup techniques and taking cuter self-photos, bringing attention to the over 80 percent of teen girls who take photos of their own faces.  Users choose their own preference from 14 makeup genres such as forest girl, princess gal, sexy, or punk, can then post self-photos, contribute cosmetic or makeup items, and also research makeup techniques and makeup items with user peers in the same genre.  Furthermore, there’s a beauty function which easily allows processing the skin color on the face photo to a more light complexion, various filters and over 100 stamps, combining with picture frames and so on to make it possible to produce a more cutesy self-photo.  Public and private settings can be selected, and it also allows posting simultaneously on Ameba, mixi, or Twitter.

Make me [J]

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Relaxed Tweet-Like “Say Whatever You Wanna Say” Community “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” Tops 500 Thousand Users

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced that the number of users of “Kiite Yo! Mirucho” (Listen Up! Mirucho), a new sensation community service for Ameba for Smartphone [J] which connects people through monologues, has topped over 500 thousand.

“Kiite Yo! Mirucho” is a community where you lightheartedly tweet whatever you want “monologues” through a Mirucho mascot character.  You can enjoy the character’s development as Miruchi grows and and evolves, passing through over 50 stages, by tweeting your thoughts and hearing other users’ monologues.  The number of users has grown to over 500 thousand in the half year since its service release in August of 2012, over 100 thousand tweets are made per day, an average of over 20 users react to each post with a “Kiita Yo” (I heard you).  As for the “social fatigue” of loosely connecting on an axis of monologues, it supports carefree communication, and as a unique community service its user base is expanding.

Also, from March 8th, they have begun to offer “Wari To Doh Demo Ii News” (relatively inconsequential news) as a new function.

Kiite Yo! Mirucho [J]

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Ameba Pigg Introduces Marketing Products For Drug Store Matsumoto Kiyoshi

CyberAgent, Inc. [J] has announced the sales of corporate advertisement products “Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” which promotes guidance and purchases at real shops, in cooperation with Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Inc. [J], via their 2D virtual space Ameba Pigg [J].

“Ameba Pigg Area Tie-Up with Matsumoto Kiyoshi” is a service which distributes free original Pigg corporate items at a limited term basis at the newly established “Matsumoto Kiyoshi Digital Shop” in the Shibuya area within Ameba Pigg, and furthermore issues coupons that allow customers to get limited original Pigg items when they purchase targeted products at Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in the same area.  The enterprise allows for sales promotion for over the counter goods at the about 700 Matsumoto Kiyoshi shops in all of Japan simultaneously with the over 14.2 million “Ameba Pigg” users, as it can lead users who simulated products in Ameba Pigg to real shops and promote product purchases.

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