Web Reactions – Japan Analog TV Ends Its 58 Years History

All Japanese analog terrestrial television broadcasting were terminated today at 12:00 p.m. July 24 (Japan Standard Time) as planned, aiming more effective radio wave usage by re-assigning their bands from analog TV to newly introduced digital TV. They have been simultaneously broadcast until today.

All channels stopped in 44 prefectures, besides three prefectures, which suffered by Eastern Japan Great Disaster and given another 7 months to prepare. All channels are airing the end of their analog service and guide of phone number for digital TV. The waves will be stopped completely this midnight.

(TV screenshots by @ichitaso)

“Anarogu Housou Syuuryo”(End of analog broadcasting) was the buzzed word on Twitter and other social media in Japanese.

Both on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga [J], many net users had uploaded the final moment of analog channels they recorded.

In Akihabara, a electric parts shop ran a funeral of the analog wave, with a portrait of an unofficial analog TV character Analoguma (Analog + guma = kuma = bear), which was converted from a popular 2-channel Ascii-art character bear (he also became Pedobear in English BBS 4chan) to be a rival of an official digital TV support character Chidejika(Chideji = terrestrial digital, jika = shika = deer).

(photo by @LetHis)

Lady Gaga Kicked Out From YouTube By Uploading SMAP Program

Lady Gaga’s Japan visit was a sensation, left a lot of news with celebrities including Japanese’ Ophra Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, prime minister Naoto Kan and SMAP, long-time ruling boys unit.

Lady Gaga’s appearance on Japanese TV was estimated 135 million dollars worth [J] if it was advertising.

Gaga is recognized as a celebrity who directly talk to her fans over social media. Japanese, both media and people chased her tweets during her stay.

What happened today is that they noticed that her uploaded video, a TV program hosted by SMAP featuring her, which she had introduced on twitter on 12th, is not watchable. The same movie was posted on Rolling Stone, too.

It was not only that. Lady Gaga’s YouTube official channel has been stopped, too.

The movie was claimed by Media Interactive Inc., which is the same company who mistakenly removed YouTube movie uploaded by a popular Japanese singer Hikaru Utada before. They were her own official movies.

SMAP and its agency Johnny’s Office are well known by their hard-line portrait rights control. It is not easy to find their unofficially uploaded photos, at least on Japanese web. Lady Gaga uploading such movie and a photo over Twitter was worried by Japanese users, because if other Japanese talents did that, she/he will get hard time by that. Actually, no Japanese would post their photos of Jhonny’s Office talents on the web, as they know it would be troublesome.

When SMAP sang in front of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, who was visiting Japan, most Japanese media did not post a photo with SMAP, whilst Chinese media did.

I do not embed the photo of Lady Gaga and SMAP here, because I do now want to be cautioned. 😉

Japanese Media Artist Uses Poo And Fart To Explain Nuclear Crisis

I wrote “Poo is a magic word for primary-school children. It is an universal motif and will work even 100 years later” before. It does not change even at the disaster in Japan.  A Japanese media artist Hachiya Kazuhiko has explained nuclear crisis in a Youtube video, using the poo and fart.


English subtitles version

At first, he has explained nuclear crisis on Twitter [J], using the poo and fart. Afterward, he drew an cartoon and uploaded it on YouTube. Nuclear Boy(Fukushima nuclear power plant) said, “My tummy hurts…I can not hold my poo any longer…”  and he broke wind a bit.  On the other hand, Chernobyl leaked poo. Besides, it was diarrheal stool and he ran around. It’s unbelievable tragedy!

If everybody is wise, the difference between Fukushima and Chernobyl will be able to be understood. The fart is certainly stinking. However, it is better than leaking diarrheal stool.


Chinese subtitles version


Spanish subtitles version


French subtitles version

Tokyo Girls Collection Aired On YouTube Live Streaming

One of Japan’s largest fashion show, Tokyo Girls Collection held its 12th event today at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.   Apart from other fashion events exclusively for fashion designers and apparel buyers, it intends young girls to buy what they want with their cellphone handsets while watching the show on which women celebrities and models present the latest trends of clothing and beauty.   Some news sources reported over 23,000 women and girls are there to watch and buy just right there.

For the first time in their history, this event is available live on YouTube[J], and you can choose a view from three streams such as a runway camera and a zoom-out angle.   In synchronization with the show, pieces that models wear on the runway will be appeared right next to the live streaming screen on the YouTube page, which enables you to buy them so easily just by clicking on what you want.   All the viewers can interact with the show presenters by posting messages on Twitter.

It is scheduled to end today at 9pm Japan Time, and its high light videos are expected to be available on YouTube until the next event.

Meanwhile, in association with Google, they are running a campaign using a widget on which users can enjoy coordinating clothes for either of three beauties.  You can enjoy it via this link[J]. (available only on Google Chrome)    You are recommended to submit a set of pieces in your taste, because the event’s organizer FashionWalker.com[J] will choose the best three sets from the applications including yours, and you may win a chance to get all you have coordinated for completely free.

2 Tokyo College Students Expelled By Uploading Video “Save The Ugly Girls” On YouTube

Two male senior students of Tokyo Metropolitan University uploading a series of movies on YouTube under the name of “Dobusu wo Mamoru Kai”(Save The Ugly Girls Club) early this month rapidly called a strong reactions from Japanese society.

June 12th at Tachikawa station, those guys asked ladies few pictures with lying it was for magazine, then unveiled that they were trying to record disappearing “ugly girls”. Of course, the girls protested and demanded to erase the pictures, however, they also record those interaction and uploaded them to YouTube.

By knowing that some raged web users tracked those students personal information and publicized, the movies were withdrawn quickly [J]. But people found that the same group also made another movies such like running fake street donation, secret videoing women on train, under the name of “art” [J]. They told to the university’s inquiry, “We thought we could achieve some expressions by chasing humor happened from unethical behaviour.”

On 24th, the university announced [J, pdf] that those two students are dismissed, a graduate student who assisted video edit is suspended for one month.

[Update 2010-07-08] The university announced [J, pdf] that the associate professor, who was a tutor of those students, resigned under instruction.