Smartphone Fasting Camp to be Held This Summer in Japan


Mainichi reports that Hyogo prefecture is to run a 5 days boot camp for smartphone addicted children in August.

Kids are still allowed to bring their smartphone, but they are kept in one place, and only be usable between 30 to 60 minutes at night when kids can not stand.

Cardboard Theater Meme – Good for Japanese Small House

Budget immersive movie experience has been around Japanese Twitter. coined term ダンボール映画館(cardboard theater)

Robot For Smartphone Coin Pusher Games

A Twitter user @suzuki_jidouka (Suzuki is a Japanese surname, jidouka means automation) showed that he had created a robot for his little sister who wants to earn more coins on coin pusher game on smartphone.

The sister asked him if she would earn points effectively by tapping the smartphone screen twice per second all through the night (while she sleeps).

Suzuki assembled this machine with Tamiya’s construction kits, with caring safety for kids.

It worked good but the only problem is that it makes pretty big noise.

Mixi Launches Smartphone Photo App Sends You Free Photobook Every Month

Mixi released iPhone/Android free app Nohana [J] today.

The app is a camera application with backend photo storage web service. Every month, you get one free photobook (stamp fee 90-yen = $1 required though) made from your taking photos. The book will have 28 pages with 20 photos.

They said that their business model is to sell the second or more photobooks, such like a gift to grand-parents living remotely.

The app is seen on US iTunes Store, but the texts are all in Japanese. And the truth that the site says 90-yen mail fee only, it sounds like the free book is only available domestically.

ノハナ フォトブック印刷・成長記録アプリ

Genre: Photo & Video, Lifestyle
Language: English, Japanese
Price: free
Version: 5.8.0

Artist: nohana, Inc.
Released at: 9:30 AM
User Rating (all version):
(by 20)
User Rating (current version):
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Plug-in Cat For Smartphone Is Under Development

When Japanese blogger @nekomura_otako posted her rough sketch of this Smartphone accessory idea on Twitter.

“I would like to have cat-shaped earphone-jack parts like this.”

She did not expect that so many people liked and wanted it. But the Twitter buzz promptly found a company who offers to make it production. The mock-ups have arrived now.

This design plan “Cat-type Plug Accessory(tentative name)” becomes “this” \(゜∀゜)/

Some people challenged to build at home, too.