5,000 Yen($60) To Enable Twitter On Your Smartphone

A cellphone shop in Yokohama offers a service to set up your smartphone for tweeting by 5,000 yen, @poppo1028 reported.

Twitter and other social media has been getting more and more attentions on TV, newspaper and magazines after the Eastern Japan earthquake. Both good side and bad side of social media at disasters were reported, and many may be thinking to have one more communication channel for another one. This shows that people who do not understand the concept of web service account and apps installation are interested in Twitter.
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  1. I must say this is an interesting, albeit brief, article with useful information, but the poor non-native, non-proof read grammar is a major distraction on a lot of your articles. I know I’m nitpicking, and I thoroughly enjoy reading Asiajin article, but please, PLEASE, hire a native English speaker to proof read and edit.
    Btw, your English is really good for a non-native, but it’s just not publication level.

    1. Thank you for comment GrammarKlan,
      You might not notice that Asiajin is just a volunteer-based blog. It’s not business (yet. we never had sponsors or donations for over three years). There are no way to “hire” proofreaders. In other words, your contributions are always welcome.

  2. This reminds me of the ads you’ll see in Best Buy in the USA where you can have a “Geek Squad professional installation” of your PS3 or XBox for $100 (In other words, they’ll plug in the ethernet, HDMI and power cables for you)

    1. There are many people who do not know what “download” means. Japanese feature phone web is being used by about 80% of Japanese, male or female, young or old, and it was done by package-ready web browser and mail client.

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