Rental Shop TSUTAYA Gets Into Smartphone Games With kiwi [J] has formed a business partnership with Internet Revolution [J] and opened the smartphone SNS game site “ kiwi.” [J]
With “ kiwi” you can enjoy 14 game titles such as “Pro Baseball Dream Nine,” “Everyone’s Pet Shop,” “Othello,” “Solitaire,” “Multi-Millionaire,” and this is the first time for a SNS game site to be linked with “T-point.”  Users who link their T-ID and kiwi ID will get one T-point added to their T-points for every 100 yen purchased when they buy a coin within any “ kiwi” game.  It’s also possible to use T-points to purchase coins within the games.  Along with commencing this service, the first 10,000 people will be presented with 100 points as an opening campaign.  Additionally they are planning to bring out future cooperative campaigns at the 1,464 TSUTAYA shop locations within the whole of Japan.

Translation authorized by VSmedia

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